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  • Can anyone tell me how to find more patience while I am waiting for my husband and me to reconcile?

  • Robyn, I've never been married before so I can only imagine what you're feeling.  However, I will share something I"ve learned.  In order to change a situation, (like a relationship) remove your focus from the unwanted (what you don't care to experience) and put your focus on what you do want. Enlist your imagination to help you.  Visualization can help to raise your vibration (energy) and help you attract events that are more pleasing.

  • Can anyone give me advise as to how to handle the latest event with my husband and me in our separation? I have been using the LoA to change and firm up my focus. Since he is undecided about what he wants to do (divorce or try again) I feel I have a good chance of things. I just got a communication from him which shows movement toward divorce. Can I do anything to change this or should I change my thoughts and desired?

  • Kylie, honey, I feel your hopefulness and your pain.  I think it was about 2 years ago when I joined this group as I was perceived to be helplessly in love with a man who no longer felt the same way about me.  I attempted to distract myself with activities and other people but nothing seemed to help me.  We had became cordial and I thought we were on the road to rekindling the fire we once had.  I felt as soon as I started showing strong interest, he backed off.  Last September I sent him a text to see if he was in town and what he was doing because I wanted to meet up with him.  He responded four hours later with "Yup, you good?"  That was the last text message I needed to receive to realize that I deserved better.  The only way I could get to "better" was to step away.  I decided the only way I could allow myself to fall in love with someone else was to stop all contact with me ex.  Some people are good at trying to maintain a friendship during healing a broken heart but not me.  Almost a year later, I still love him, miss him, and think of good times we shared.  However, I just have an appreciation for the experience (when it was good) with that person.  Releasing that experience of my life has allowed me to heal completely, and meet some good prospects,  I haven't fallen in love yet but at least I'm staying open for love to come into my life.  We tend to hold on tight to what's familiar even when it may be causing us pain.  Just pace yourself, love yourself, and let other people like your friends and family love on you.  Take it one day or sometimes one moment at a time and you'll eventually get into a better feeling place.  I hope this helps... 

  • Wondering if anyone can give me some good LOA powerful advice.  The love of my life and he will always be.  Well he is interested in someone else and now I am on the back shelf of used goods (thats how it feels).  I am struggling really struggling in how I can change my mindset.  Do I accept his interest and possible union with this new girl.  Do I focus on my intentions of what i want as well? 

    This is one big break up that has pained me and its nearly 4 months of it happening and now he moved on quickly.  I sense something will come of it with them two but maybe its a story in my head.

    From this I do believe in my heart and gut he and i are meant to be together but i sense his resistance too and that is why i think he wants to jump into another relationship quickly.

    I just think, i am so close to detaching, really.  If I can figure this out with help on how I can just change my way of thinking of this situation.  Because yes its based on FEAR.  But I so wanna arise above and be the person i want to be.  I dont think i can fully accept the situation but i want to reprogram my thoughts in getting that feeling back, that we will be together again.  I think its foggy because of whats happened and what is happening.

    Next week I am actually seeing him and not sure how to be.

    I know my faults in the relationship and i am sure thats what goes through his mind of how we were together and it makes him say to me and himself  We are not right together.

    But because II know I am evolving because i dont want to be that girl anymore.  I am not doing it for him but for me.  I would love for him to see my positive change and is impressed but i want to do it for me.  because i know i am way better than that insecure needy clingy girl.

    Finding things i enjoy has helped me since the breakup, its like connected me back to my inner self .  But learning to appreciate my worth is a slow process and one that i need to gain strength on because i do compare myself to others and its unhealthy.

    thanks Kylie

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  • I have not been with this ex for 5 years but I still love him. We have remained friends. We text a lot and call occasionally even though we have had other partners in between. He is seeing someone now but I really want him back.

    I sometimes wonder if it will be the same second time around of if it will be different for better or for the worse.
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  • Hello All!

    Excited to become apart of this group as I have begun my journey on getting my ex back!

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I decided to start a new chapter in my life.  I have been practicing LOA the wrong way and my love is now engaged.  I do not want to boring you with all the details; I am trying to forget the past.I have decided to start practicing detachment and start a new life without him; I am ready.  If he comes back fine and if not, it is fine too.  I am tired of being alone and sad.  I have tried to stay positive and I was able to do it until I decided to check his page where he announced his…

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We would fight a lot and now we broke up

Hi guys... Me boyfirend and i were in a relationship of 2.5 years , when he broke up eith me a month ago.I must tell u that we used to fight a lot, be it anybodys mistake. We were always breakinf up and patching up but i dont know, this time it seems kinda permanent..I m currently using loa to get him back, but my concern is wether we will stop fighting like maniacs or not? Because it's imp to be happy in a relationship.And also, around 6 months ago when we broke up one more time, he came back…

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I love her and she loved me a lot...but not together anymore

Right then... mine has been a 2 and half yrs long distance relationship.we did meet though.....things were quite good until recently...had a lil fight den afta abt 20 days of that she said its not gonna work and its a breakup...i persuaded did everything i cud but of no use....I tried getting her frnds to persuade her ...things den got really worse becoz she hated ppl specially her frnds knowing personal details of her... she blocked me everywhere and said she hates me etc.She also said she…

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