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  • I just wanted to share a quick story about my situation.

    I got married in 2005, my husband & I tried for a baby and I suffered 4 miscarriages.  It sent me into a deep suicidal depression, then we lost our farming business.  So many awful things happened, it would have destroyed many marriages.


    We were separated for 6 months in 2009 while I waited for my visa to move to my husband's home country, we had been there on holidays and he stayed when he found work, I had to return to my home country and wait for my visa.  During that time, my husband started showing signs of depression.  I was half way around the world and unable to help him.


    We were reunited in late 2009 and for the next 12 months he treated me like an invisible person, I still didn't know what the problem was at the time, he wasn't diagnosed with depression until late 2010.  I returned to my home country for a 6 week holiday and during that time my husband started sleeping with other women.  I found out a couple of months later.


    Things turned from bad to worse last year when he pushed me away even more and told me to leave.  I knew he was ill and I stood my ground for a long time.  But the way he treated me became so unbearable that I conceded defeat and made plans to return to my home country.  I didn't believe my marriage could be over, I hadn't done anything wrong!  Then the night before I was due to leave, he asked me to stay.  But it was still another 6 months before we were able to start living together again and he resisted me all the way.


    The turning point came when I meditated and released a beautiful glowing ball of golden forgiving energy.  Within days we were communicating again, having lunch dates and spending time together.  We started living together again in March and while it hasn't been perfect, I am definitely starting to see the fun, caring side of my husband again.


    I believe that meditation and visualisation have helped save my marriage, and also rising above my own ego and letting things go that would have worried or upset me in the past.


    I hope that by sharing my story I will have been able to help someone.

  • PS: My apologies for the typos. Was typing too fast!

  • Hi everyone. There has been so wonderful advice here for this situation. I've been going through something similar. My bf just recently decided to break things off after nearly three years together. There's a lot going on in his mind and it did not come from a place of anger, mistrust or bitterness. It has however been very sad for me to deal with because I still have strong feelings of love for him. I realize now that one of the reasons that things went off track was purely because of my attitude. While I was generally very chipper and fun around him I started to harbor feelings of exclusion, resentment and stupid negative scenarios playing in my head. Looking back they felt quite powerful and though I'd try to push them away I'd always let them back in. And those negative thoughts finally did me in. I am more than ready to take responsibility for those energies. So at first i suggested taking a break but last night we talked and he decided to say "goodbye". As sad as it was, we held each other and thanked one another for the good times and for the good people we had been for each other and that when the time was right we'd at least have a friendship. I told him that he'll always a place in my heart and I took some comfort when he replied that I will always have a place in his. So, when we talked about a break it was then that I realized about my sabotaging inner feelings and how i fell off the LOA wagon if you will. I have had incredible things happen in my life via powerful intentions and the Law Of Attraction. And one good thing I can certainly take from this right up front is that though the events were downers it is further proof that LOA  works....even if it was in a negative way. So that turns my thought process around and gain back confidence that it has and will work for the good equally (if not even better) . In re-evaluating the situation I realized that I had been losing a bit of myself and that we were not progressing. I was not the same person that my bf fell in love with...I wasn't being the real "me". And ofcourse that contributes to the fault in our connection. When we met I was at my best, happy with myself and my convictions and I began to slowly lose sight of "me". If you don't know who you really then you don't fully love yourself. And no one else can love you either. Not fully anyway. So where to go from here? I know that I was the best possible person for him so my intention is to be able to get him back. But in a way where we'd be in a better place than we'd been before. Rekindle the love we had at the start and make it even stronger and more honest and passionate than when it was at it's best. The sky will be the limit. I have already started taking some steps toward making this happen with the advice I have read on this forum (and other like it). I'm determined to match our vibrations back up and making bliss!!! But I won't force or pull and most importantly I will take this opportunity to reclaim myself and become the best ME I can possibly be. Things will come to be as they have before. And I decided to actually give gratitude to this rocky part of my life...because otherwise we would have been stuck in this rut and that would probably be worse in the long run. In this time away thoughts and feelings will be regrouped and rediscovered and I plan on the outcome to be as exciting and joyous as it can be. The fact that we both do not harbor any ill-feelings is already a great start. I have sent my wish out to the universe and to God, I will live my life and enjoy it and find a thrill in knowing he's on the way back and on his own accord. Thank you so much to everyone here for the wonderful stories and pointers. Keeping the fait one day at a time!

  • Oh Samantha, you are so right! I have been learning this very thing. I have actually been able to correlate times when things haven't been as I would like, to my mind not being in total positive mode. I have actually been able to see the separation of my husband and me as a blessing since it is why I am finding my life purpose again which got lost in the craziness of our relationship. I AM becoming the person he fell in love with and I feel that when I think it's taking so long I rethink and see that I need to do some more work on me. I have been seeing changes in my husband also...he is softening and very conflicted even though he says he doesn't love me anymore and wants a divorce. Deep down in my gut (which I trust completely) I sense the complete opposite to what he is saying. It's as if he's trying to convince himself of what he's saying. I am so thankful for this site and the support of people (like you). For instance, I woke up this morning feeling a bit discouraged and then bam! here is your comment which brought me right back to a much better place.The LoA DOES work...I'm living proof of it

  • Man, answers just keep coming in like waves....Its so obvious!!! Our vibrations told these guys to think what they think and they heard it loud and clear. If they said they don't love you, then vibrationally, you told them that they don't love you. If they said they don't want to be with you, you told them vibrationally that they don't want to be with you. If they are acting angry or avoiding, guess what? Same thing! It didn't come from no where. I think the first thing is to tell ourselves the opposite about ourselves to dispel the message that is sent out to others. Then it is easy to tell them that they love us, and should stay with us and should be with us for the rest of our lives. Unspoken messages, through our vibrations down to the core. We can't kid ourselves and we certainly can't kid them. if there is ANYTHING unsettling, they will get the message and feel it, do as they are told from an unconscious level, and act accordingly. Those negative feelings and vibrations and thoughts HAVE to be completely gone first for them to hear that they should come back again. Its so obvious. If those things are gone, they will see you like you are a completely different person that they never even knew. The natural attraction of the shell will be there, but the person on the inside will be someone they never even met before and it will be exciting for them. They were initially drawn, they will be magnetically drawn again without being able to resist. It isn't a love spell whatsoever. It is within their own free will. They initially came out of their own free will. Don't you think that if they felt you were all those great things before, they would have stayed? Of course! So, you become their dream girl by actually being everything they had hoped you would be. They will forget about the former relationship, which is what you want. This is all very possible, but it takes work. Even to the point of letting go of the vibration of wanting and waiting and feeling their absence. All of those things are the vibrations that keep them away. Good luck!! Xxx
  • Here is another thing...Maybe the very act of calling them your "ex" hinders them from coming back.If we consider them an "ex", then that is what they will be. Do you feel you have no access to them because of their actions? Another internal negative vibration we send out to them. I believe we are the cause of our own resistance!
  • To add to it, you feel like your ex is shutting you out or rejecting you? That isn't true. They are simply responding to the energy you put out there, which is you are shutting yourself out and rejecting you and then projecting it on to him, so he acts accordingly.You put the rule out there. Others feel it at an unconscious level and act upon your 'command' to reject you or shut you out. Get it?
  • Hello everyone! I've been following this group for a while but have never commented,I've just been reading what everyone has to say! I'm going to post some advice I got from someone who has another group on pi which has helped me a lot..I had to read and re read it over and over!its very powerful stuff! There is a lot of it but just keep reading its amazing! Bear in mind the advice was for me and another person on the group but it should strike a chord with all of you!!here is the first part,then I will post the rest.xx. What is most likely going on in each of your situations is resistance, or blocked energy, low vibrations, so that gets in the way. Perhaps make a list of all the negative energy (emotions) you feel whenever you think of your ex's. Fear? Doubt? Worry? Impatience? Unhappiness? Incompleteness? Waiting? Wondering? Jealousy? Disappointment? Low self-esteem? Inferiority? Criticism? Lack of respect? Anxiousness? Sadness? Defeat? Unbelief? Discouragement? Worry? Looking at Circumstances? Discontent? Loss? Rejection? Competition? Powerlessness? Belittling? I am trying to put as many up as I can so you can determine yourselves what feelings you may be happening. There is something called "cognitive dissonance" which is when there are 2 conflicting thoughts and emotions going on at the same time that the brain can not process nor accept. Eventually one has to dominate because the brain needs to be able to accept and process into the subconscious. Whichever you put the most energy into, eventually that will dominate and take control and send out the vibration, even if you really desire to believe the opposite. Eventually the strongest one will win. If you can realize you have control and all that the negative feeling is, is energy, or vibration and it really isn't circumstantial at all, it will make it easier to separate the feelings from the people from the circumstances and let go. Then there is room to focus on the DESIRED outcome and eventually the brain will receive and process that into the subconscious, it will eventually become a natural unconscious, autopilot energy that will bring the desired outcomes without even having to think. There needs to be a shift, and it takes time and effort because there is a deep conflict that perhaps isn't being addressed. Addressing it and letting it go will then leave you open to receive the Law of Attraction. It works. It is the foundation of
  • I would appreciate all the extra positive energy that you may be able to send my way...I am still separated from my husband of 24 years (4 months of separation) and it has been an up and sown period of time. My husband is undecided about staying together or divorcing. I have experienced the LoA first hand with this...things are on a good path between's just that our wedding anniversary is coming up in 5 days and I really need and want to be more positive during it.

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I decided to start a new chapter in my life.  I have been practicing LOA the wrong way and my love is now engaged.  I do not want to boring you with all the details; I am trying to forget the past.I have decided to start practicing detachment and start a new life without him; I am ready.  If he comes back fine and if not, it is fine too.  I am tired of being alone and sad.  I have tried to stay positive and I was able to do it until I decided to check his page where he announced his…

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We would fight a lot and now we broke up

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I love her and she loved me a lot...but not together anymore

Right then... mine has been a 2 and half yrs long distance relationship.we did meet though.....things were quite good until recently...had a lil fight den afta abt 20 days of that she said its not gonna work and its a breakup...i persuaded did everything i cud but of no use....I tried getting her frnds to persuade her ...things den got really worse becoz she hated ppl specially her frnds knowing personal details of her... she blocked me everywhere and said she hates me etc.She also said she…

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