How to heal relationships with BF/GF family friends.or colleagues
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  • "Gratitude makes relationships flourish. As you increase your gratitude for any relationship, you will magically receive an abundance of happiness and good things in that relationship."

    —from The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne

  • Can anyone please advice me about letting go...As i have read many a times that letting go in realtionships does a very effective work..
  • ok she left me it was 4 years ago we were in high school and we had know each other since grade 6 and she fell for me two years before we started dating I had a temper back then but since I've gotten over it there also lots of high school drama and she knows i have and she. me and her are best friends side note she still hugs me before she leaves even know I do have to remind her sometimes. We cuddle every now and then. She comes to me with all her problems came to me for a comforting hug after her last break up. last time we were at a bar we were playing pool after a few drinks she poked me in the butt with a pool cue then not too long after that she cuddled with me. Still loves to tease me and mess up my hair after one of the hugs she said this “Here I know you miss this” me “Don’t deny it you miss you this too” her “Yeah I do” she also touched my leg once. she says none of this side note stuff means anything but i hope it does and i have a hard time believing her. We are 20 and 21 now. Also I was carrying her bag and a few other nice things which I have told I will stop doing and I think a good start for me getting her back would be for to show her that I haven't changed my mind about stopping doing these nice things for her by when she test me to see if I have I will hold my ground and show her that I haven't changed my mind.

    can you help me with my situation?

  • Why letting go hold prime importance in LOA? How does it helps to get your ex back? I'm focusing on myself, keeping myself first, but I can't let go completely.. If I won't let go, won't I get my ex back?
  • I'd really like to get answers to this:

    Thank you

  • It's been almost a month since our past relationship ended. The relationship started off really well. Before I even had feelings for him I referred to him as my twin flame in my head. But due to my insecurities I eventually pushed him away. I was so afraid of losing him that I would overreact to the smallest things which would push him away which would in turn seemingly verify my fears. It's so weird because even though he didn't know about the law of attraction at all he would often say things like "if you think I'm going to cheat then your perception will cause that to happen" and there is this quote about gratitude that he loves that basically falls in line with LOA.

    I always felt like this breakup was temporary and immediately began to follow the flow of the universe. The initial 3 wks after I didn't contact him because I knew the timing was off. We were both out of town and it didn't seem logical to try for reconciliation then. We work together and after our first day of seeing each other since the break I responded to a text he sent a while ago saying that I didn't respond because I didn't want to start another argument to which he replied positively.

    Since then I've been seeing what I felt were signs from the universe. I had decided to let go and write an apology letter to give to him when i returned his things. When I findings the letter the time was 3:33. I also decided to go on dates so that I could remove any attachments to the outcome. Last night I was anxious about some things concerning us, especially the letting go aspect,I turned to this cooking show and one of the opponents said he believed in LOA and wasn't worried about the outcome. Judging by the aesthetics of the dishes I was thinking the other chef would win. Then I had a thought, everything isn't as it seems and guess what ? The opponent who believed in LOA and had a dessert that visibly wasn't as appealing won the competition. I got up and walked away from the tv for a moment and by the time I came back I decided I wouldn't be anxious anymore and as I was verbalizing my affirmation I looked at the clock and it was 11:11. I knew I was getting closer.

    Later that night my ex did not only text me twice but called. It was during "booty call" hrs lol so obviously I didn't respond just took it as a sign that I don't have to go towards him, he'll come to me in the right way in the right time :)

    Any advice or similar experiences ?
  • Elizabeth Daniels, a LOA coach and writer of Manifesting Love, says it doesn't matter. Perhaps in that way it's gonna be harder to let go of the results, but never stop dreaming. Nothing is impossible ;)


  • Hi everyone what is your thoughts on this scenario. My ex (10months) who also lives far away 5hours from me has completely moved on is very happy and has a new gf. Can the loa still work??? I love this man we had a very serious relationship and talked about marriage.
  • hello everyone!!
    i am writing this in response to Newmen's comment. i am just pasting the content i took from These lines explain how should we visualize and why not to change the script you were imagining and feeling.

    Never visualize yourself at a distant point in time and space. Make your action take place here and now! The difference between feeling yourself act here and now and visualizing yourself in action as though on a movie screen, is the difference between success and failure. For example, visualize yourself climbing a ladder. Now, with your eyes closed, imagine the ladder is right in front of you and feel yourself climb it.

    Experience has taught me to restrict the imaginary action to a single act and to re-enact it over and over again until its reality is felt. If the act is too long and involved, your attention will wander. Hosts of associated images will present themselves for your attention and lead you hundreds of miles away from your objective in space, and years away in point of time.

    If, climbing a particular flight of stairs would be the likely event which would follow the fulfillment of your desire, then restrict your action to climbing those stairs. Should your attention wander, bring it back to its task. Keep on climbing those stairs until they have all the solidity and distinctness of reality. The idea must be maintained without any sensible effort on your part. You must, with the minimum of effort, permeate the mind with the feeling of the wish fulfilled.
  • Hi guys,

    If you want to find all great articles/sources/info about getting your ex back or attracting a specific person, you can find it hyper-linked in one place here:

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I need Omega big help on getting my ex back.

Okay introduction to my situation, I met my child's father in middle school went through a bad breakup before hand wanted my other ex back but he rejected me big time. But, Billy my child's father came into the picture after 10 yrs of no seeing him and I had a huge crush on him in middle school and apparently he felt the same way but was the popular guy but didn't wanna be made fun or have to fight anymore people because of me.  When we officially got together, he did a Navajo hair binding…

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My firend's success story

I wanted to share the success story of my friend's whom I have helped attract her ex back.I told her to use techniques from "The Forbidden Parapsychology" book, the same ones I used to attract my ex back once.She visualised him telling her all of the things she wanted to hear. She also visualised like she was in his body and talked to herself as she was him. She got into that "feeling" of being right there and hearing all those thing as if they were real right now. She also listened "Get your…

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New to this... And very unsure

I'm a very negative person... Class half empty is putting it lightly.    I've never had a real or successful relationship and I find it nearly impossible to be attracted to people.    Last year (spring 2015) under a set of bizarre circumstances, I met a guy that was literally the man of my dreams, everything I ever wanted.  But people in my life didn't approve of him over misconceptions over his character though they'd never met him (they've all since apologized to me since and realize he's a…

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Feeling Good :)

So, it been a couple of days since I realized, "I don't even know what the hell makes me happy". I have done nothing but do things that make me happy, that make me feel good. I feel...relief. I don't know if I'm happy or if I just feel so much better than I did before. Honestly, it doesn't really matter to me right now. I feel good.I have continued to work on centering myself. Working on my alignment and vibrations. My gratitude towards life, the universe. I've taken on two main mantras: Focus…

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