Advice on getting an ex back who has commitment issues

Hello everyone, I have been trying to get my ex back LOA since this summer and have had varying results with it. I've been able to attract him back with varying results. I did manage to attract him back but he did not want a relationship with me and things were going well with us being friends until I started thinking negatively. He recently cut off our relationship completly and I'm not sure if he's interested in someone else because i'm pretty sure there is a girl who is interested in him. He ended it on Friday and i've had little contact with him since then. if anyone has any sort of advice on how to get someone to commit it would be greatly appriciated :) Many blessings,


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  • Hi Rain,

    I hope everything is going well with you. I am in the same situation as you are. I actually attracted my ex back, once before after our initial break up but he had the same commitment issues that he did not want to commit to one person, led us to our second break up but this time I felt good that I stood up for myself, letting him know that I want to be with a man committed to me and not constantly keeping his options open. While he didn't want to end things, he couldn't give me what I want and we are separated again. 

    I really do believe that we're meant to be and, I will attract him back this time, but this time I want to keep him forever.

    My only advice to you would be just do not focus whether your ex is seeing someone or whether someone else is attracted to him. Just focus on improving yourself and achieving your goals.

    First time my ex came to me asking to be back together was the time that I moved on from him I was actually dating another great person but I knew that I still loved my ex, they really have some kind of radar sense that you moved on and happy and they show up. 

    Another good thing I think I've done was not having my ex on social media, I'm not a social media person anyways but I didn't friend him on facebook because I didn't want to see his updates and posts potentially involving other girls etc, that would cause me to overthink.

    It may sound counter intuitive but I would also limit my contact with him to minimum to not at all, because how it helped me was, I wanted to focus on myself without him in my life to heal and recover from the break up. If you don't feel the rush of emotions etc, when you talk to him then go ahead but I was feeling all this roller-coaster of emotions while I kept in contact with him was not helping me to heal.

    I hope this was helpful. Let me know how things go because I'm trying to achieve the same thing as you are.

  • Things have been kind of up and down for me. He blocked me on Facebook about two weeks ago but I'm not really worried about it too much I find it more of a blessing because now there is no way for me to see what he is up to on social media so I'm less likely to see pictures of him with his friends that are girls and over react about it. He'll probably unblock me in the Fall when school starts again.

  • Hey how are things going on with you rain?
  • It's going pretty good :) He started talking to me again about a week after i posted this. Right now i've been staying positive and have been focusing on myself and doing well in my classes. Recently he has been reaching out to me, before i was the one who was always reaching out, and he asked me what my feelings were towards him and what i wanted from him relationship wise.   

    • I'd love to know what you did to get these results Rain :)

    • sorry for the late reply i have been busy with school. but i pretty much focused on myself instead of worry about him which can be hard at times. i just focused on building up my self confidence and just had faith that he will come back to me. i also realized that he has self confidence issues as well along with his commitment issues so i just try to keep that in mind and try not to over react if he doesnt answer my texts. i hope i was able to help :)    

    • That is such good news! Were you in no contact? What methods did you use? 

    • And how did you respond?

      It could be he's feeling you out because he doesn't want to get into contact with you if you still want him back.

      Personally, I don't think I would be contacting my ex if I did not want to be in a relationship but that's my opinion since I don't think I could ever be just friends with my ex.

      I suggest try to find a way to keep it in the middle. 

  • How are things going? I have the same problem with my ex. I attracted him back a couple of times, but he won't commit. I am trying to stay positive and focussing on me! :)

  • Hi Rain,

    I understand that you want a committed and harmonious relationship with your lover and this is your deepest desire. Just take your focus away from your immediate surroundings because when the senses confirm the absence of your wish, all conscious effort to counteract this suggestion is futile and tends to intensify the suggestion. In order to change the circumstances to conform to your desire, stay focused on your thoughts because your thoughts have a preternatural ability to change your surroundings, effecting change within the physical world. If you are observing something within your mind’s eye (via thoughts, imagination etc.), providing it is performed in an enduring, convinced, and repetitive manner…it will start to manipulate the ether around you and have obvious effect upon the events and people in your life.

    So instead of thinking of whether this other girl is interested in him, or this, that and the other, imagine that you already are in a brand new committed relationship with him and are enjoying one another's company in full bloom. This is the end result which you want. And this end result in your imagination, will sort out all the in between obstacles, and bring your fulfilled desire into reality. Keep your focus away from the 'Hows' and Whens', as this is the business of the subconscious / Universe to sort out. Your focus should just be on your end result. 

    Visualize a scene in your minds eye that implies that your wish has already come true. Do these visualizations just before you go to bed at night and then fall asleep in the assumption that it is a done deal. And most importantly, visualize in first person, as in see through your own eyes, and not your own body.

    If he has cut contact with you, then just give him space and don't reach out to him. But carry on with your imaginal acts daily and I can guarantee you that results show. Letting go is very important, and once you do it, this is when he will come back to you. Letting go means, to not surrender to your immediate surroundings which show you the lack of your wish, instead keep faithful to your imaginal visualizations, as this is the reality which will objectify into physical reality.

    I hope I have made sense.

    Blessings, love and light :)

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