Hi everyone,

I've been around for quite some time now but this is my first post.

I found this amazing place when seeking some answers to the evergreen "what happened, why he disappeared for no reason" topic. And I did find solution, a couple of times.

When going back to the days when I received/provoked miraculous things and events in my life, I realized that I already knew LOA, I simply didn't know how it was called and the entire process behind it, I just guessed it right.

Honestly, my biggest fear throughout my whole my life has been to feel love and emotions. I was truly attracted only once in my life 7 years ago (and I'm 27 damn it, what's wrong with me :/ ), and then I unconsciously manifested a new attraction. And ooooof course it came out of nowhere.

This man was great- ambitious, with strong will, smart, sexy, attracted to me...and 10000 miles away.

But then he simply disappeared. For period of couple of weeks, I manifested every night before going to bed that "something happens and he needs me and he misses me"... and so that thing happened...and he needed me...and guess what- he missed me. The feeling of that manifestation was so strong that it felt like a stray of light. I was sending waves with such vibrational frequency that I could feel them. 

Yet, a month later he disappeared again because of his fear to be in а relationship before he got successful in his career (f*ck logic..........). Anyhow, I manifested him again,  and he did come back...but the fear came along once again. And this time I was furious. During all that time and all those "hot and cold" games, I behaved as self-respected, not needy. I never begged, neither cried, nor asked for him to be back or give me an explanation!


...I don't want to get in details about my story but share with you what I've discovered along the way

People say "ask, let go, receive" but there is SOOOOOO much behind this especially for those who have found the one and are dealing with the loss.


You need to understand that behind all wonderful and helpful posts, threads and advises what most people miss to mention (probably some did, I simply didn't find them) is that the biggest battle of all is to subdue your MIND. Truly it all comes from within. As if you suffer in your soul but you convince your mind that it is all ok and that you are healed, you are not. Repeating to yourself will help you get there but it might also delude you that you are on the "receive" stage.

- about the "ASK"

Well, in this part most people are masters...or they at least think they are. What I've learned on my journey with LOA- we can all say "I want" but before you do you need to figure out why you want it - vain? ego? satisfaction?...or it comes out of pure intention? Ask yourself this and answer honestly, once you do you will know if all that comes afterwards is worth it.

- about the "LET GO" 

That's the trickiest part EVER in every aspect of our existence. IF we dream to get the one we love back, the perfect job, the perfect friends, the perfect home, the perfect something... Well, how and about what the HELL are we supposed to live for......?????? Actually there is, look around you - how much you already have, how healthy you are, how much you have accomplished, how lucky you are that you found this forum :P, stuff like that.

The mass presumption about letting go is that you need to forget about what you asked for. How is that even possible, especially when you are in love and all you can think about is that other person. Well, it is. And here comes your imagination, you can turn the hard part "of not letting go" into "letting go" by simply switching your mind in the "imagination" mode. And let me support my words with this:



Using your imagination releases your mind of the obsession without you even knowing it. You step into another reality, one that is really close to what you want accomplished, and that nearly crosses the boundaries of wonderland and then at a certain point you finally feel free and you didn't even notice when you let it go. Once you are at that stage, the pictures you will see in your mind, will no longer be thoughts for manifesting your loved one but it will be projection of your manifestation being on its way:


Even at that stage, a lot of you may restart the feeling of frustration as they think that they have successfully let go and waited long enough but still haven't received. This is the middle stage between the "let go" and the "receive" probably the hardest step of all- the part that you have started living your life to the fullest without that one SPECIFIC special person but at one it is still there - "the LACK". The lack of wanting something so much and that you have let go....soooooooooo.... WHERE IS IT, DAMN IT.

...This happens cuz you've lost the battle with your mind.

"What, in your opinion, is the master secret of the ages? The secret of atomic energy? Thermonuclear energy? The neutron bomb? Interplanetary travel? No—not any of these. Then, what is this master secret? Where can one find it, and how can it be contacted and brought into action? The answer is extraordinarily simple. This secret is the marvelous, miracle working power found in your own subconscious mind, the last place that most people would seek it" (Joseph Murphy):


...so as you can see there is no shame if you lose a battle, as long as you win the war ;).


And here comes the good news- YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS BATTLE. On my way to understanding the LOA to the fullest, I found out that in the search of how to tame my mind, so it can serve me according to my wishes rather than my fears there are stimulants and energizers that can help me - this is where the subliminal messages and their power came along:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqvrbZgPDB4 (I’m even listening to one right now :P )

If the mind is the most powerful tool in the universe, then it requires a big deal of courage, will, consistency and foremost HELP to take over the control. So whenever you feel you need to boost your energy, love, motivation, or you simply seek relaxation, go to YouTube, Google or whatever and just find yourself one really cool audio/video with recorded subliminal message.

- about the "RECEIVE"

Well, that's awesome, isn't it.........buuuuuuut it ain't less tricky than the preceding steps. The reason- we are so happy that we've got what we want that we forget about all the hard work so far so we unconsciously go back to basics. 

...when that moment comes (and it will come, trust me) just have that simple thought on the back of your mind - "I have done so much to teach myself to be happy without the things I want- so I am proud of myself, I have it all when I have MYSELF AND MY MIND UNDER MY POWER, so ain't no way that I will GIVE THIS UP ... EVER". And you know why you wont - cuz everything that you are and that you receive is part of YOU:



Be BLESSED, BE HAPPY, BE AWESOME.... as you simply have it ALL.


P.S  some of the knowledge I gained was thanks to a friend I met here, her nickname is "I AM", some of the links I shared with you I found due to her support, wisdom and experience. So I'd like to to use the podium to thank the universe for "delivering" her to me.


Update 09.03.16

Today, I got to thinking about my third manifestation of my ex (it’s still work in progress but he contacted me and obviously he is trying to reach me) and I remembered an emblematic quote from the emblematic figure Samantha Jones (from the emblematic Sex and the City), here is what she told the only man she ever loved – “I love you Richard………but I love me MORE”. The first time I heard it, I ignored it but years later when I got to watch the entire show from A to Z again, those words hit me like an asteroid. It was so so TRUE…and respectively just in time to help me get to the next stage of becoming a manifestation master, not only about my ex but everything I wanted to get in my life.

When watching the show, I realized that everything we have discussed, asked help and advices for and wanted to achieve in this forum, was what Carrie was doin for 5 freakin’ seasons in a fictional story.

She fell in love with BIG and every time she was there for him, he wasn’t for her. WHY? – she gave him her energy every time he came by, without even asking. When did he appear? – Guess what, he showed up every single time she tried to move on with a new lover, cuz he could feel that she pulled away her energy…

Yes, this is only a movie, a scenario, a fiction. Call it whatever but isn’t this what ACTUALLY happens in real life? Check out those two (in my opinion) most Powerful posts from the forum in regards to the topic “LOA for lover/ex/specific person”:



…and ask yourself isn’t that simple TV show the best example we have seen about how we MUST love and cherish ourselves first and foremost, so we can have the people we want/love back/ in our lives?

When did Carrie actually got BIG to be the man she wanted that loves her unconditionally?– when she wanted to move to another continent with… another man!!! And guess who appeared again out of the blue the night before she took off…..yeah, exactly, the man that drained her. And do you remember what she told, no sorry.., what she screamed at him “YOU DO THIS EVERY TIME, WHAT YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF RADAR OR SMTH? -CARRIE MIGHT BE HAPPY, IT’S TIME TO SWEEP IN AND SH*T ALL OVER IT”….. yeah, how about THAT, baby!!! 


……………and he DIDN’T EVEN KNOW she was moving.

You see now the game of energy??? Until me, you, or anybody out there who wants to be strong and happy in his/her live learns that he/she needs to keep his/her personal energy centered around him/herself, won’t ever be truly happy and all he/she will get will be only fragments from their desires, partially manifested simply because of the strong feeling that we send out to the universe constantly but not truly what we wished for.

My point here – we get to preach that happy ends happen in movies only- WRONG!!!!!!!!!

In the mind theaters (quote from a great post I can’t find), we are the actors, the directors and the scriptwriters. This is what LOA is ALL ABOUT, live the life you want, not the one you get as a result of your fears, doubts and pain.

With a view to my insight in this update, you probably now understand why I started with “…about my third manifestation of ..” in the first place. I got the point manifesting the same thing for the 3rd time (God, I’m a stubborn for real) simply because I wasn’t patient enough to get what I want and I stood in the way of the universe giving it to me, I interfered halfway . But this time it is different, this time I’m different and I won’t be satisfied with less than what I want and what I deserve.

In regards to my full post, I want to share one more awesome story with you:


And remember ! - you should never seek to be in a good place so you can get your lover back/attract the one you love but you should do it for YOU and YOU only. It should be PURE and from deep within.

Don't EVER FORGET - unlike us people, the UNIVERSE will always be your friend, always got your back and be there for you- because it is your ORIGIN and what created your SOUL, and what made the UNIQUE person you are .....after all there is no other person that ever lived with the exact same DNA as yours ;) .


… to be continued :D :*

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  • Ignore the present. It is result of your fearful thoughts, depression and desperation. And I doubt you want that to continue. Therefore, you start  living not in the present of your reality but in the present you wish you had, right now. This is why all mentors advise not to send wishes that happen in the future but now. If you tell yourself that "I will have this in (near) future", it stays in the future.

    To achieve the "letting go" while maintaining your pure love to your beloved one, you simply need to get rid of everything bad that reminds/ associates bad past moments that influence your vibration in the present. In simple words - remove the things that make you live in the past, spoil your present and respectively affect your future.

    Meditation, self control and dedication is the key. Consistency without deadlines and feelings of anxiety when you still haven't got what you want :).



    • Also there's something else: when I was with her I kind if cheated on her and she saw this, she also kind of felt this...how can I know she will feel trust towards me again since I made this mistake in the past?

    • Hi Newmen,

      Obviously, you feel doubt. This is low vibration. If can't get rid of this, whatever you do afterwards will not work. You need to entirely forget about your current situation and see through the eyes of a man who's in love and is loved by the woman he wants. 

      Remember, your future depends on the feelings you have right now!

      When you are calm you can control your mind and the thoughts it produces. So tonight if you feel like you are too tired go to bed 15 earlier, so you don't pass out the minute your head touches the pillow. If you feel you can't do it at night, find your self 20-30 minutes in the afternoon and quiet room where you can be alone with your thoughts then and repeat as many times as you can the mantra "She misses me and she still loves me" (say the full name instead of "she"). 

      This exercise will help you clear the bad vibration, you've have been sending the past weeks with thoughts such as "she won't trust me again/ she is not here with me" - the more you repeat it in your mind the more real it will become, and I doubt this is what you are aiming for.

      Hope you will succeed this time.


      Aria. :)

    • I don't feel like I've asked wrongly or stuff. I think I'm more kind of in the letting go, detaching and then receiving stage. I've asked for many weeks and I think it's time to do something else. I'm gonna write a post about this later for people to exchange information and gather and share help.

      I just have a doubt that may had come up to some of you, and would like to listen to your opinion since you're proficient in this subject: there's a new girl I'm dating and we plan to go today to a bar in my town. My ex girlfriend sometimes goes there. It's been long since I don't see her around, but she may appear there and I don't know whether it's good that she sees me with another one, for the sake of all this process haha :p

      What do you think? How should I act?

      Cheers :)

    • There is a point I don't seem to actually understand. And I want to quote a guy nicknamed "James" that wrote many answers to me here in a post I did to get some help on this: http://www.powerfulintentions.org/group/getyourexback/forum/topics/...

      So there are people telling me is best to "keep a feeling like you already are with the person". Still others tell me to make the wish and let it go, and with that I assume they don't mean the universe is not listening to your wish, but that you need to get rid of the resistances, so, ok...there are ways to do that (meditation, subliminal audios, active life, meet other people, perhaps even falling in love with someone else, right?).

      BUT (and I want everyone that could be reading this to answer if this is happening to you too), what path are we supposed to take? I've read many things (mainly Elizabeth Daniels "Manifesting Love"). There I read is best to keep the feeling all the time of your wish come true. But then this guy James advised me to stop with that, and I felt it was right, because that constant thing of having to feel like you already have what you want (and more than a month went by the same way without manifestation) was making me rather sick, as James says, because (and this is logical), we are putting a lot of expectation to it. I mean, how can you not go crazy (whether you truly believe and understand or not, which I do) when you find yourself having a feeling of something you want imposed by you upon you for so much time and nothing happens?

      This is why I think there is an important need for us from people that have already manifested their ex to tell exactly HOW did they do it...and I insist one cannot keep a constant feeling of having a wish come true when it hasn't because over time that will drive you crazy. I mean, I'm not putting deadlines (I didn't put deadlines before). But I did it for more than a month, and I actually was feeling quite anxious, not good.

      BUT, also, along this way I've found some items that seem key to me, if one wants to get their ex couple back (because I've read on the subject and lived it in my own experience). So, to me, apparently, the thing goes like this (and correct me if I'm wrong):

      .Make a couple of minutes a day to lay in bed, drink tea (make a quiet and special moment) to: visualize, send heart energy.

      .After that, completely let it go (that, to me, means you assume the universe has heard you and is putting all together, but one doesn't have to fight it, like whenever you feel it isn't coming true, etc.).

      .Do your life without thinking anything about that person, except it comes from inside to send them good vibes or sth. Even falling in love (I don't know what happens with this) or at least dating some other people is good, because important part of the process is to feel good and complete without them, and that in a deep sense means your ex is not someone you need yes or yes to be happy (like without it you won't be happy), and also get to feeling that you don't need anything nor anyone in particular so you don't feel miserable, etc. To me this is the meaning of letting go (and it is hard, otherwise, why are we wishing and praying so much? But it makes quite a lot of sense...). I've heard EFT, subliminals and meditation is good for this.

      So then what you want is supposed to come to you (in my case it hasn't happened xD LOL) I don't know what I'm doing wrong haha

      What do you think?

      I just need some advice! :)
      Hi everyone! :) First of all I'd like to introduce myself to this group telling you my story and also, beforehand, saying that it is awesome that gr…
  • "you can turn the hard part "of not letting go" into "letting go" by simply switching your mind in the "imagination" mode"

    How is this supposed to be done? :p


  • Hi Apx,

    Everything you need to do is in the links I shared. Go through them at least 5 times, the more you read, the more sense it will start making. Focus on you, not on the desperation of having him back. Once you you heal yourself and start thinking of him as a great person that can only contribute your happiness (but not somebody ur life depends on), he will be back.



    • Aria, I have done LOA exercises from Elizabeth Daniels book. She doesn't talk about quitting LOA exercises and sending heart energy. This kind of is got me confused! I don't know if to stop all LOA exercises and just work on me and detaching or if to keep doing them. I don't know whether if I just stop the practice I will sort of "abandon" (as to what I express to the universe) the desire to get back with her. You see my point? I don't know why she doesn't recommend stopping exercises. She does mention that we should make a wish and all that and then completely let it go, but the practice then gets to be a daily thing, anyway, and you mantain that energy and that practice day after day, or do them once every 2 days, suppose.

      I've been doing the practices for around 1 month, but then became clumsy and perhaps too much energy is what I felt lately trying to do them. Another user told me his experience with this and adviced me to focus on me, but I didn't get much indication as to what to do with the exercises! I mean, after 1 month of visualizing, sending heart energy, feeling at one and like already having the relationship, should I just stop it all and just focus on myself to let her come?

      Thank you!

    • Oh, and another thing is I don't know how to get to that point where I don't feel the need for her...I've been working on it. But for sure there are specific things (meditation, etc.). Would like to get advice!

      Blessings :)

    • Hi Newman,


      It appears to me that this lady has the approach of many other mentors/coaches. The reason why she suggests to send the intention and forget about it but then keep practicing is simply another version of "ask/let go/receive", a method I don't really approve and has never worked for me.

      Think about it, what sounds more effective and relevant - send a intention and abandon your desire (you were absolutely right defining it like this) or send focus energy? Example:

      Option 1) you throw a bottle with a wish in the ocean and wait for the ocean to be kind enough to deliver it where you want it to be or to bring it back to you some day 

      Option 2) you stand alone on a boat, you throw the nets for the big wish, you sit in the sun and have an awesome drink...and while having that fun your nets (focused energy) "catches" in your experience that one thing you desire (+ a couple more, as a bonus).

      So which method makes more sense?

      You got clumsy not because you were not doing it right but because you DID NOT know if you were doing it right. And that's a major mistake made by many many LOA mentors - they tell you what to do without explaining why you need to do and what's the process behind it. The reason they don't explain - most of them don't know how.

      This is called Law of Attraction, not Law of LETTING GO.

      "after 1 month of visualizing, sending heart energy, feeling at one and like already having the relationship, should I just stop it all and just focus on myself to let her come?" - why did you stop. For this to work you need to be able to focus on yourself WHILE you send energy. Unfortunately, for most people that doesn't work as they focus sooooo much on visualizing and sending energy and making boards that they turn this into a full time job. So basically they think they moved on but actually they are more stuck than ever.


      Since I'm on this forum and especially since I published this post, a lot of people reached me for help. That's why I made a website unlike any one before that combines all useful and really meaningful articles/ threads/ posts/ videos:




      Some of the techniques are the same as the one you described in your comment but the more one reads the easier for him/her to create personal awareness of how he/she may accomplish hi/her dreams.



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