Get Ex who is long distance back using LOA..

Hello everybody, 

I am new to Powerful Intentions and I must say I am very much loving the discussions in this forum.. I stumbled upon this website (like many) after my ex and I broke up just a week ago.. I believe we belong together but the issue here is the distance between us.. You see, this is our story: 

My ex and I started dating when I was still back home. He always knew that I was applying for jobs in Country X and as we got closer he was considering Country X as a next move for his job as well as neither of us liked living in the place where we were. However, one of his dream places to live in was the Country Y (He had been there before and fell in love with it) But he wouldn't move there for just any job, it would have to be a huge organization - and he had been pursuing this one particularly big organization even before he met me.

We were together 8 months in the same country - we have had our ups and downs but we always worked things out when we were together.. Cause I believed in us.  

8 months into our relationship, I was offered the job in Country X. I discussed it with him after which I accepted it with the understanding that he would apply for jobs and come over there as well. Nothing developed on his side until the day I was leaving. That week I told him that I want to try doing long distance and I did not want to leave him. He assured me that he would not have got closer to me if he didnt think we had something very special. And he wants to give long distance a shot as well. Although he has never tried it before and was not sure about it.. 

After I moved to Country X, we would talk maybe once a week or something like that.. He never called me really, it was just text messages, me taking the initiative to Skype most of the time, but everytime we spoke it was like old times..

However, just a month later, he got offered a job from this massive organization in Country Y. He told me about it. I expressed happiness for him as it was his dream role/country but I did ask him what it meant for us. He said he is glad that I was happy for him, and maybe on some level he was looking for 'permission' from me. I told him that I want to be supportive of his dreams, and I would consider moving for him, provided he made a stronger commitment (whether it means saying the 3 words...or living together) He has not got his visa to go there yet, its still work in progress.. 

Our relationship kinda deteriorated long distance after that... I became more and more needy, he got more and more distant. He said he would come to visit me on leave but he said he did not get leave from his company. So I said ok, that's fine I shall come over there. I travelled 14 hours on a flight to be with him. He came to the airport and at first it seemed ok between us.. Then..

We had lunch 2 days later, thats when I expressed my feelings to him about how we need to communicate more if we want this long distance to work, that he has not once called me in the 2 months I have been away (Just once to wish me happy birthday) he did send me flowers which were beautiful and thoughtful, and made me understand that he cared. But I need some form of assurance that he is committed to me (whether its saying the 3 words or something else). I was honestly thinking that if he does not give a positive response, maybe I should tell him that this long distance is difficult and maybe we should just be friends if he cannot be a boyfriend to me right now... And the interesting thing is, he said that I really like you, I am sorry if it is not the words you want but I do. I asked him where he sees our future. He said he sees me, himself and his dog together living somewhere.. I think we have something special etc. SO I was like ok, he wants to put in the effort.. 

The next day he broke up with me saying he thought about it the whole night and he cant give me what I want :-( I did find it shocking that 1 day he could say what we have is special, I want to make this work etc. And the next day he tells me I cant give you what you want. He said 'this I love you, living together. You said you would move only if we live together and I dont think I can give that.. I cant do long distance anymore.. I want to be physically with my girlfriend, go to farmers market together etc etc' Which got me to thinking so what he wanted was just a girlfriend to do stuff with, not me, not Rachel as a person..

And that he does not know why he does not call more text more, and he should want to do that, maybe he romanticized the whole thing.... That is when I told him... If it was really about the distance we would try and make this work, is it about your feelings not being strong enough.. He was just quiet... thats when I realized its over... I shook his hand, said that we cannot be friends and that was the end of it... a cold break after 9 special months of being together. 

Needless to say, I was heartbroken.. I believe we had something special and I cant believe he just gave us up with no second thoughts. If all he wanted was some woman to brighten up his arms, why was he with me. Why did he even attempt long distance. I did all I could to be supportive of his dream... And it was just so simple for him to break up with me...  

I then stumbled upon your website... Started focusing on me and did not contact him. He messaged me 4 days after the break up saying happy new year, and that in 2015 there were times when he was low, and i was a beacon of light and happiness. THat pissed me off even more... Cause he was being a selfish prick. So thats the reason he was with me yeah? To pass his time when he was being lonely. I was so upset.. But I still want him back.. I did not reply. 

Its been a week since we broke up now... I believe in the LOA that the universe will tell me when its the right time to get in touch with him. The time is not now i know that.. cause my emotions are still haywire. sometimes i feel low sometimes i feel high. I need to focus on me. I created a vision board, is when I realized that I still have faith and hope that the universe will do something that he comes back to me wanting to be together again. I cant help but sadistically hope that his other country plans dont pan out and he realizes he wants to be with me and only me... 

Is this the right way of looking at it? 

Awaiting your response,  

Thank you very much


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  • Hello there, 

    Thank you very much for your kind words and blessings. They made me feel so much better.. I know I rambled on about my story but I was hurting quite a bit at the time. I realize that I was holding a lot of negativity about his words and the way he behaved ( I probably still hold some of that negativity) within me.. Only because I really thought he would not give up on us so easily.. Only because I wondered if he even missed me half as much as I missed him.. 

    Either way I am going to continue to live my life here until the universe gives me some sort of sign to get back in touch with him. And when I am in a safe and happy place where I do not hold any resentment or negativity of the way things ended, and am open to getting back in touch again..

    I do very much want us to get back together and I believe we can be in an entirely new committed relationship together.. But I also realize that we can visualize and visualize and keep making 100s of affirmations everyday, but if you do not create some sort of action, your goal is going to remain nothing but a dream.. 

    • Hi Rachel,

      Bridges of incidents are created for us once we have faith that our desire is already an accomplished fact. Our objectified reality will just show up in ways that we know not of. That's why we have to just concentrate on our end result as to what we want and leave the 'How's and When's' to the Universe.

      Mental images, accompanied by strong emotion, are blueprints therefore upon which a corresponding physical object, or condition or event, will appear.

      Enjoy your life and your desire will come to pass!

      Blessed be xxx

  • Hello Rachel,

    As you must be aware that our own thoughts create our own circumstances and reality. Whatever deep down desires we have, always form into our objective reality.

    The Universal Law sees no time and space distance. Chance or accident is not responsible for the things that happen to us, nor is predestined fate the author of our fortune or misfortune. Our subconscious impressions determine the conditions of our world. The subconscious is not selective; it is impersonal and is not concerned with the truth or falsity of our feelings. It always accepts as true that which we feel to be true. Feeling is the assent of the subconscious to the truth of that which is declared to be true. Because of this quality of the subconscious there is nothing impossible to us. Whatever our minds can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify.

    Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern.

    So Rachel, if you deeply have feelings for your ex and believe that you can be in a brand new committed relationship, then that is what will become materialized in your world. It is your intentions and feelings which are behind your creations. Thought into the great creative Universal Subconscious Mind plus faith can equal only one thing and that is physical reality. It matters not whether the thought is good, bad or indifferent, if the faith is there, it will manifest, because this is the Law. Thought plus faith creates!

    Always concentrate on your desired end result and the means will just fall into place. If you visualize and imagine with faith, that you and your ex will reunite, and believe that it is already a wish fulfilled, then the Universe conspires to bring forth your wish in objective reality. 

    To the universe, it makes no difference if it’s a piece of cherry pie or a castle; the difference exists only in our minds. And as long as we’re UNABLE to fully embrace the existence of the law of attraction, we will meet the resistance of our mind each time we try to manifest something for which it believes is beyond our rational capacity.

    The law of attraction conforms to your thoughts empowered by your emotions. If you don’t have the faith that you are able to attract things all by yourself, then the thoughts and emotions that you’re sending out to the Universe won’t have the power to bend the law of attraction and direct it the way you want. Belief gives you the power to become the master of your Universe and your life.

    Long distance is not an issue, so go and create your life as you want it to be!

    Love, light and blessings x

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