I need help letting go!

Hi Everyone,

I have manifested so many positive things into my life by using the LOA, I just can't seem to do it for my ex. We were so in love, and for a month it was constant arguing. He finally broke up with me. I know my negative thoughts played a role and the universe gave me what my vibrational waves asked for! I am heartbroken, but I know he will come back to me!

I just can't keep prolonging the process with my inability to let go and stop texting him to work things out. I need help all. I have decided today that I will delete his contact info and move on with my life. I know it is the first step, but I can't stop thinking about him. I just want to be happy, with him!

Can anyone give me advice, I don't want to lose out because I can't stop texting and calling him, but I also can't help but think shouldn't I fight for who I love!!

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  • Your explain is pretty much clear why we should not contact and let the person contact us first. =)

  • Thank you so very much. It is even the answer to my question. Thanks a lot. :)
  • Thank you everyone! you all are right. I know the universe has good things in store. For now i will be working on myself and my positivity!

  • Christine P,
    I believe you can only let go when you have attained a certain level of security yourself. You have to calm down first,for that you can try meditation or simply go for a walk and exercise. You will feel elated and in perfect sync with the universe. Remember if you do not live in the present,you will miss out on a lot of fun (or important) things that you wouldn't have had you been in the present. appreciate what you have right now, look at the break up like a lesson. have faith in your love and the universe,because that is the most important thing. believe in the power of love. no matter how far he is from you,the universe will bring in him back to you. only when you have found happiness within yourself,you will attract more happiness. :) all the best. I'm working my way out of a break up too.
  • If you have positive experiences manifesting things, you already know what you have to do!!!
    I know it's difficult to let go, because I'm stuck in the same process, but first of all, stop texting him. You don't know how the universe is working for you.
    Repeat this outloud: the universe is taking care of things. The universe has my back and focus your attention in the end result.
    If you keep calling or texting him you are saying to the universe: I don't trust you and I'm going to make things happen. Remember this: your actions and thoughts created your breakup. And your actions and thoughts will not unbreak what is already broken, cause you only have 2 o 3 ways of doing things and the universe has millions.
    Don't text him or call him. He will come to you.
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