Okay introduction to my situation, I met my child's father in middle school went through a bad breakup before hand wanted my other ex back but he rejected me big time. But, Billy my child's father came into the picture after 10 yrs of no seeing him and I had a huge crush on him in middle school and apparently he felt the same way but was the popular guy but didn't wanna be made fun or have to fight anymore people because of me.  When we officially got together, he did a Navajo hair binding spell on us and we were fine til he got out of jail went back on drugs he changed big time.  He had a criminal background and was still married but he was a hard person to get a hold of plus doesn't have the funds to get his divorce.  His ex left him aborted their child and had 3 others with another guy.  She wants a divorce too but I think is stupid and in the state of Florida wont give her child's father support and will go after Billy even though he didn't father the 3 kids cause he had seen her for 1 yr and a half.  But anyways, long story short I got pregnant and had my daughter in Sept. of 2014 and I had abuse during pregnancy he didn't get off drugs til after she was born plus went to jail on that case I put on him.  And he went back again cause he didn't take counseling like he was supposed to.  And been a up and down battle and finally in Feb. a friend of mine did a reading on me and said that both of our lucks together with binding spell is making things bad I listened to her and should of listened to myself and she broke the spell but, that lead to more problems to where we broke up and hes not taken be back and said he was trying to get me back for 3 yrs and he's tried of the bs. Well he needs to learn to be a positive person because his family has put him as negative doesn't treat people right and wonders why no one that he really wants around, wants to be around him.  But, you can tell he wants to be with me and his daughter, I get he wants to spend more time with her but, I get upset because I want to be wanted as well because first off you need to make your relationship work first and then your kid comes 2nd.  My In laws who adopted me said they put their marriage first over their kids.  And, that is what your really supposed to do.  I need to know what I need to do and what needs to be sent out at him to get him to make things work.  I am willing to recast a new binding spell and make things work this time around.  I've been pushing him away because of how he's treated me.  But, I need to focus on having us as a family.  And I need step by step help on how to make things get back to normal and better.   I do live with my mom and its hard because she's realistic and negative and it brings me down for being the best version of myself. And, another thing that has made it hard is he has a background record and it makes it hard for him to get a job.  Plus lack of id.  Also its hard to do no contact when it from time to time still makes his way back in and contacts me somehow.  I need to focus on better version of myself.  And, a 3rd party I heard is now involved and its fucking with me big time I want to manifest my dream back and have him back and for us to be a family.  Please help me step by step to come to the right path and get things working for me.  Of what I want please help.  

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  • Hi, i dont know if this is late to reply, i could imagine the kinds of depression you might have gone through during the process...i have once been in your shoe before i later looked for a way to get my ex back. i have once did a bindiing spell and love spell, i guess that work out for me....

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