i want her back with all my heart

hello LOA believers. I've been using the law of attraction for about 5 months. my only wish that has yet to come true is bringing back the woman that i love. that is my biggest wish of my life. i know a lot of people are going to tell me to move on..because i am in tears and has been hard to bring her back to me. she broke it off 8 months ago and now she is back with her ex boyfriend. practically the "perfect guy" we are no longer friends and i cant seem to be able to get back on track. my dreams destroyed my hopes lost my heart shattered. i want everyone's help. its hard to think when i know that shes with  someone else. please help me win her heart back. i believe that i can be with her. I've been close to winning her back but in the end my faith was weak. advice? tips? anything. thank you.

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  • i don't think you guys have the same situation. but theres 2 things in the way of having her. 1. being her current relationship. and 2. she has no feelings for me. idk if i can change this. i mean they've been best friends for 6 years and ive only known her for 2 years. if they did break up i feel as if the best friend is going to be around still. and there will be issues...this is really bugging me. sometimes i feel as if its not going to work out the way i wanted them to. 

  • I feel like that too sometimes, James.  

    We're here for each other as we all know the bond of the feelings we have for our partners, and not many out there in the world get it.  Let us know if there's something specific we can help you with.  We'll send you much love back.  

    • To acquire love fill yourself up with it until YOU become a magnet.

      That's a really good list D, especially the point above, we are to fill ourselves up with love before we send it out, and i sometimes forget to think about that bit, but usually I'm doing this anyway when I'm in the 'feeling' / moment.  

      I believe the hard part with our situations in this group is that the bond between us and the partners is so strong it's what brings the rollercoaster.  So we have bad days and good ones, and, well, days with both.  We should live what we want more than we live what we don't want.  I do my best these days to hone in on when I'm getting the feeling to just stop and create or do a little RS and hone in on the moments I have that feeling really going good and then I do it and the rest of the time I try to get on with my life best I can.

    • Yes A good point, the feeling is very important Let your emotions guide you. If you are feeling bad or having fear most likely u r focusing on what you don't want and the lack of . when you are feeling happy or good that is most likely u r focusing on that you have it and what u do want...We have to control our thoughts,

      All our power comes from within and is under our control, sometimes we loose that control......

    • Yes, feelings are our guidance system.

      I was meaning more that I now only do my 'creating' etc when I am feeling good.  It's sort of a good, pure feeling place, and I can feel the energy in me is 'right'.  

      I have heard it enough and read it enough that it's then it counts, when we are feeling good, and then that it's really working.  We can sit and take the time to get that feeling going, working on getting to that place of 'feeling' and do that first, or we can wait til we are automatically feeling it - that being what I do, sort of once or twice a day it sort of feeeeeeeeeeeeeels right and then I sort of let it overwhelm me then I do the creating / thinking.

    • yes i think that is true but i am thinking that living as has to be done 24/7 though and that is hard....

      I think that when we send them love we should really be feeling in a good place to do that or if not sending them love when we are feeling sad and down would be counterproductive.......

      SO hey guess what i just cleaned out a space for my love to put his clothes, he needs a lot of space.....

    • My problem is that I cannot seem to NOT think about it. I have noticed that I can and do manifest things with ease, things like a biscuit in the morning, or donuts that a kind hearted customer brings in for me, or phone calls from old friends. And I do it by just thinking about these things and then sort of forgetting about it and in no time at all, they show up. That's the rub. I can't seem to keep my mind off of my beloved and the children, (five of them) whom I have grown to love as much as I love my own children. But, I keep trying to turn my attention away from them, because I can't seperate my desire from the lack of it. It is a very difficult thing to do. And I know that the minute I am able to do this, I will see the fulfillment of that which I desire. But, knowing and doing are always two different things.

         As I am writing this reply, I feel the need to make another point, maybe it will help someone who is reading this. The universe has provided me with signs and signals through this whole process, and each one has brought such joy, unspeakable joy. But, in the absence of these signals, it is necessary at times to create your own joy. Simply by posting on this discussion, and receiving your kind words and your loving, caring advice, the joy returns. That is how it works. We are all in this together, all are connected. We are all things, at all times. And when our desires are fulfilled, we will go on to other desires, and see the fulfillment of those, but will always remain connected somehow by this common thread. ALL ARE ONE, and it is right that it should be so.                           James

    • well said James and we are all connected and brought here for a common desire and to help each other, know that u r not alone..........

    • Hmmm, yum, donuts!!!!

      I see what you mean, if when you think of them you can't think of the having of them but only the lack of them, then yes this is your work area right now.  Start small with turning every thought of lack to a thought of having, they're not on the sofa to --> yes they are on the sofa!!   I've at times used this meditation, it's more like a lecture/meditation really but there's this bit where you have your life NOW then you change to SEEING what you want and at the same time feeling grateful.  I find this very relaxing to do from time to time and shows how easy it can be to transform the not having thought to a having one.  

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvt8HEe5Y6g  - it's a little 'scientific'  I like it anyway.

      Yes, we are all connected, this week I think a lot of us have really felt that on these threads. 

      Today is EarthDay at 8.30 pm, local time, the suggestion is to turn our lights off for an hour, if any of you read this today and notice this in your locations, maybe as you see the lights go out / turn your lights off, see it as a reminder to put out some thoughts for us all on these threads/discussions and send out some love and thoughts of us all together with our partners :)

    • we have to be aware of our thoughts and direct them and look out for them.  We have to still feel what we are really feeling and go through that, we can not force ourselves through,say, a bad feeling.

      I love the button anecdote of Klaus Joehle.  He was missing a button and wanted to manifest one, so he could sew it on this cardigan, and it wasn't happening, and he realized he was seeing it as NOT there more than he saw it as there, because he'd see the space.  So he put it away.  Then he made the effort to visualize seeing the jacket with the button more than not with the button.  He said, it's like if you see it there 13 times, and not their 12, that's all that matters...

      He found the button.

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