i want her back with all my heart

hello LOA believers. I've been using the law of attraction for about 5 months. my only wish that has yet to come true is bringing back the woman that i love. that is my biggest wish of my life. i know a lot of people are going to tell me to move on..because i am in tears and has been hard to bring her back to me. she broke it off 8 months ago and now she is back with her ex boyfriend. practically the "perfect guy" we are no longer friends and i cant seem to be able to get back on track. my dreams destroyed my hopes lost my heart shattered. i want everyone's help. its hard to think when i know that shes with  someone else. please help me win her heart back. i believe that i can be with her. I've been close to winning her back but in the end my faith was weak. advice? tips? anything. thank you.

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    • yes we have to accept the bad feeling not surpress it and then let it go and move on.... I love that button story it puts it out there so that we can easily see .....  ... I am seeing my love sitting next to me,

  • Hi James I am sorry i have had a hard one too, but like you am still here, we have to stay strong, my love is going by and giving me the finger and yelling stuff at me and there is no way to get a hold of him and have no idea why he is acting this way other than he thinks something that isn't true, so i sit here and try and be positive and i have had ups and downs many times throughout today already and i am sure there will be many more, I do also appreciate having you here too.

    I am gonna write a few things which we all already know if we are practicing the LOA but maybe have forgotten or we just can't do it at times but here it is...We have to. and this is pertaining to getting our loves back...

    Do not focus on what is.

    Focus on as if you already have your love.

    If you believe it can happen you will see it happen.

    To acquire love fill yourself up with it until YOU become a magnet.

    Visualize yourself in the relationship, mentally picture how u want it to be, feel it, see it, smell it...be it...

    the predominent thought is the magnet and the law like attracts like will invariablMy attract such conditons as coorespond 2 nature.

    Make sure the surroundings reflect already having them there,  Has anybody ever watched SOMEWHERE IN TIME that movie is truely a LOA and a twin flames movie.

    Must love and respect yourself for u 2 attract love and respect.


    must on a daily basis start the day with how and why YOU r so great!!!!!!!!!!!

    We all know this stuff ok.......here is i think the really important thing.

    Your words have the power to create as much as your thoughts  THEY CAN HELP OR STOP YOU FROM MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS...soOOOOOO everyword u speak or think or write can transform your life 4 better or 4 worse. SO YOUR WORDS CAN DRAW YOUR LOVE TO YOU OR PUSH THEM FROM YOU...

    Everytime u say thinks about how much u want to be with a specific person or complain,,,each time you say these things you have been creating what you don't want, all then u r creating is a world where u want 2b with them YOU ARE NOT CREATING A WORLD WITH THEM...

    SO all of us if we truely want this we have to act as if all the time,,,,change our words and thoughts and writings and change our lives that is really all there is to it, BUT I KNOW EASIER SAID THEN DONE..

    THis info came from a book by Elizabeth Daniel manfiesting love.........

    Hope you all are doing ok.........I know just having you here gets me through the day sometimes..........





  • Having had a particularly hard week, I feel it necessary to tell you all how very much I appreciate you. I appreciate your comments, your insights and I appreciate the fact that you are just there. I have had some ups and downs this week, but I am still here, thanks in large part to each and every one of you who have posted on this discussion. I send you all much love and hope you will continue on your journey with strength and that the universe will speed your desire to you.


  • I don't know what is bringing on these intense feelings to contact my ex today and right now but I have to believe that it's because something is at work. So instead of contacting him ill just send out my love and believe that things are working out themselves. Maybe that's what is always happening and I act instead of letting things do their thing. I've been in such a positive place and everyone has been feeling my energy I have to believe he is too. So tonight I rest and believe I am in the vortex.
  • hope everyone here is doing great :) much love to all

  • What a great idea.

    I was going to buy a new car but I have just received a tax bill................lol Ouch.

    Oh well I will still receive me new car when the Universe provides it. I was thinking about another girl last night instead of my ex. This girl works in the same building as me but I have been too hung up on my ex to be bothered which was stupid. Anyway thought about her last night without any feelings of anything apart from she seems a nice girl then BANG this morning she comes into the office and we spoke for 5 minutes.


    Just wanted to prove if you just have a thought without the worry it does happen.

    I am going to be kind to myself and continue to be strong. I am a nice guy and always do small things on a daily basis for my family as this makes me feel good. Just very simple things which cost nothing but have love attached. Warming a jacket on the radiator if it is cold. Simple things :-)


    • yes very true ive manifested the smallest things and in about a  week my list was filled with the things i wanted to see. i wish it were that easy to get the big things. things i manifested to see quickly were 

      yellow pants-girl walked past with yellow pants

      purple car-car pulled up infront 

      green ipod- ipod written on a green note with green letters

      tiger-internet ad

      red volkswagon- parked infront of my neigbors house i have never seen before 

      simple things but it really blew my mind

    • yes James i have been seeing this more and more with little things how i can manifest them quickly because there is not attachement really to the outcome, so this really does work but we have such attachement to our loves its hard to do it in the same way.

      By the way i want this Black Cadillac convertible that i have entered in a giveway for, so if you guys to see me winning that that would be GREAT thanks....

      ANything any of you want just tell me and us and we can all visualize it happening, there is greatness in numbers as when many pray for a common cause it WILL HAPPEN..............

    • Haha, love your car desires you two.

      James interesting on this other girl. 

      I agree, I do that too, small things that I think of and put away...that's why it's good to write down stuff like:  I want a contact from [partners name] or he/she does [something] because sometimes the smaller things we forget we asked for and they happens so if it's written then it gives a boost when you look back.  i have to write down again more myself.  I do have a 'grattitude' journal app on my phone.  I should get a 'asks' one on there too, lol

    • I really have to start writing things down. Once more I have forgotten to do this...........lol

      I have deleted Facebook as well and for me this is fantastic as I do not feel tempted to look at her page. Silly but for me getting off there has made a difference. I was fed up with posting something and not getting a like :-(



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