i want her back with all my heart

hello LOA believers. I've been using the law of attraction for about 5 months. my only wish that has yet to come true is bringing back the woman that i love. that is my biggest wish of my life. i know a lot of people are going to tell me to move on..because i am in tears and has been hard to bring her back to me. she broke it off 8 months ago and now she is back with her ex boyfriend. practically the "perfect guy" we are no longer friends and i cant seem to be able to get back on track. my dreams destroyed my hopes lost my heart shattered. i want everyone's help. its hard to think when i know that shes with  someone else. please help me win her heart back. i believe that i can be with her. I've been close to winning her back but in the end my faith was weak. advice? tips? anything. thank you.

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    • Yes that is a good one because if we can overcome the uncertainty then we will have it.

       because by being uncertain that means we do not believe it is here, and so then we can't have it.... urgency is not good either, we need to relax, if we can be who we are truely meant to be then everything else will come, we must awaken and then surrend to your spirit let go of the ego then all will happen and result in the solution....

      Easier said than done, but i feel it is the only way it can happen.....

    • Yeah we're supposed to ENJOY uncertainty as well.  Chopra talks of it a lot.  I'd like to really figure out how to do it more in respect of our partners.  I think sometimes the bond we have with them means we have to find ways to let go / embrace uncertainty but within this world of the bond and feelings we have.  

    • not sure what u mean my enjoy uncertainty. could u please explain.

      I was talking about uncertainty as to our manifesting, we can not feel uncertain about that or it wont come.

      Just heard this and i liked it. Life happens through you not to you.....

      Also very important i feel that  after we vision our desire, we then have to come into alignment with it......and the way we DO THAT IS........through our THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS,.........So we can not see our loves with us one minute and then in the next tell our friend how lonely we are or how much we miss our loves.....YOU SEE!!!!!

    • These posts are all lovely :))))))

    • Hi everyone~ 

      I agree with Amanda, the posts are all so lovely. Reading them makes me feel good.
      Thanks for sharing them. :)

    • Keidee, thanks for posting.  Hope you're doing ok.

  • I dont know how. but it shouldnt matter. all i know is she will realize that i am the better choice and that we are going to be with each other again. and that this next chance i get i will be a changed man. One that is irresistible. One that she cant let go because she fell hard for. just as hard as i fell for her. everyday is going to get better from this day on. i am happy to be her man. i am grateful for my wonderful gift from the universe.

  • Lets do some affirmations...

    My partner is the one i truly love and she returns to me with open arms and lots of love!! :)

    She is deeply and passionately in love with me as i am with her.

    I am so happy and grateful for my partner to be in my life.

    She is the one for me and i am the one for her..i know we are meant for each other.

    My life is getting better every day every minute.

    I love myself and others love me.

    I am grateful and happy for the great things the universe has given me today.

  • Hi Eddy, Yes James is right time is your friend. I had a meltdown last night and it has been exactly one year since my love and I had our vacation for each other.........It took 5 months of no comunication from him I tried a few times in the first few months but he wanted no part. I did something that pissed him off really bad, anyway than another 3 months and we had a meeting and then i got a phone call that was 4 months ago and i have had no contact since then,.'

    Ok my story short, we have loved each other for 45 yrs, we are both married to other people i am basically estranged from my husband of 39 yrs because i know i the love i have for this man is to overwhelming we were together b4 we each married other people during our marrriages but then we stopped and raised our children now are children are grown and we ran into each there 2 yrs ago and the feelings had grown so much love for each other and for 9 mo we had a crazy rollar coaster ride where we planned to be together forever but i couldn't wait and i lost it one day and well told his wife everything and he got pissed cause i said stuff i really shouldn't have well, so that is where i am,,,,,,My situation looks graver than yours yet i know we will be together........

    I used this past year to change careers, get certifications and now i am working on getting jobs to make enough money to keep my home and be on my own for the first time in my whole life and i will be 58 yrs old soon. SOOOO get going on the self beautification, change things up i work out intensely and i believe that helps.

    As i said i have the occasional meltdown and well maybe more than occasional, but keep believing it, basically lie to yourself, and say things like tonight we had a beautful dinnner and watched a great movie, try not to think of lack of or looking for  or  missing, or being needy, if you relax it will come........believe i know this is easier said than done, but i know i have manifested these meetings with him and there are more coming, and my fairytale is coming, and its going to be better than Cindarella, and so is yours, i loved what James said in the end of his reply

    "If one is certain of the outcome, then one can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety."  Be certain, my friend. And rest in that certainty.          

    • That's a really great post Debbie, and i love what James said and the quote.  Yes this is great.  and Eddy, I like your affirmations, am doing them now :)

      "If one is certain of the outcome, then one can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety."  Be certain, my friend. And rest in that certainty.     

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