i want her back with all my heart

hello LOA believers. I've been using the law of attraction for about 5 months. my only wish that has yet to come true is bringing back the woman that i love. that is my biggest wish of my life. i know a lot of people are going to tell me to move on..because i am in tears and has been hard to bring her back to me. she broke it off 8 months ago and now she is back with her ex boyfriend. practically the "perfect guy" we are no longer friends and i cant seem to be able to get back on track. my dreams destroyed my hopes lost my heart shattered. i want everyone's help. its hard to think when i know that shes with  someone else. please help me win her heart back. i believe that i can be with her. I've been close to winning her back but in the end my faith was weak. advice? tips? anything. thank you.

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  • Hi James,

    Great post. I think you hit it right on the head. I also spent several months forcusing on getting my ex back only to realize that it's really all about being on a personal journey and learning from my experiences in the relationship. Of course I still love him, i'd still love to reconnect one day, but now it's less about him and more about learning to love through nonattachment and letting him go. I think this is really important. Since I've recently realized this, I have been feel the same sensations of elation you describe... alll I can say is you can feel healing when it's happening.
  • Hi! I'm new to the community and have enjoyed reading about everyone's journey. I've noticed that its been almost a year since anyone has posted in this thread. I would love to hear an update on everything that's going on with you guys. I hope you are all well! 

  • I feel pretty similar to you most days though my situation is very different. I agree with all the replies already posted... I would also say it is an incredibly powerful act to challenge your own thoughts. I have experienced the real self loathing so know how hard a concept this can be... But we have to realise that; it is us not them, so we can challenge these thoughts. I have found myself feeling so powerless over MYSELF... We are not puppets, especially when an operator isn't even present at the show. Focus on small and large goals, shot and long term... Mine for example range from being able to do 100 press ups to getting an msc in economics, I am not close to either but we are on our way aren't we? Also when you feel like shit all day, still get stuff done... Then at the end of the day, you have still been moving... Taking steps forward. Even if it is going to work or looking for work, or reading something that might inspire a positive change in your life. I wish you all the very best... It is hard but we must have faith for a brighter day.
  • Good for you Eddy. I am now not that bother to be 100% honest. I have as you have put so much effort into this that if it does not manifest then it was not meant to be. Please come back and tell us how you are getting on :-)

  • i think it's about time I let go, and move on. it's been long enough. i feel that I deserve it. so i am forgetting about my wish. i am moving forward. i know this will work. right now i need to forget about her. I trust that the universe will find the quickest easiest way very very soon. thank you everyone who has kept this discussion going thank you for all the great ideas. the next time i write on this discussion will be when i finally manifested my girlfriend back to me. it won't be long, I promise :) again, thank you all. 

  • You can't focus on HOW things r going to work out. That's where I got caught up tangled and tripped myself. I really believe my ex telling me we can't talk the final time was the best thing for me. It allowed me to move on. Maybe there is something she needs to learn during this. Trust that God or the universe knows what's best and knows what they're doing and take this time for yourself. I've never felt more myself than I go right now. You need to detach yourself from the situation. You need to not focus on what's going on in her life and instead turn your thoughts to yourself. You can't attract anything positive in the frame of mind you're in right now. Let it go. Let it be. Think about something else. Find a new hobby. Go to every sporting event you gave ever wanted to go to. Take a small trip. I'm gonna find a restaurant I've always wanted to try and go by myself and then blog about it. Trust me on this. Please :)
  • i know..i try not to think about what role guy2 (her current) is gonna be playing. i've been fighting for her since we broke up 9 months ago. im not giving up. i know were going to be with each other. i honestly feel that she will realize that i was the best choice. i know i was more caring than he ever was. 

    • Eddy, ok then make sure you're IN and make it happen, so believe it and live it.  What Marie T says is really great.  I've gotten to the point where I've so clearly felt the having of my partner and i mean REAAAAAAAAAAALY felt it  to my core that i'm now working on de-focussing and I'm going to start working on something new to distract me because what I've realized this week is that to keep the bond and keep the fight we have to go with these complex feelings and it gets harder over time but once we've created what we want, put that request out there and really HAD it in our minds, and lived it as if we have it then I think it's time to let it go and let the universe figure it out.  

      So yeah, maybe join us with thinking of new things to focus on?  

    • today on my way home from work i had another very strong feeling out of the blue.  it was this feeling like he was right next to me in my car .  so weird,  maybe he was thinking about me :) probably shocked that i didnt accept his linkedin request 

  • Eddy, I can hear what you are saying, if I hear it from a point of view of non-LOA, yes, you can always argue this, the history is stronger because of the six years.  From an LOA view you can set your vibration to what you want and if that is her you can work on feeling the 'having of her / your relationship' and wait for the universe to provide you with the inspiration and steps towards that.

    but I'm hearing a lot of doubt in you.  I think you have to spend a bit of time working out if you're in or out.  If you're going to fight for her or not.  If you're going to and going to do the visualizing and believing you have to put the doubt to one side and work like hell on being positive and believing you're gonna get what you want........

    Once you know you can get ready for the fight.................:)

    And by the way, she can say she doesn't have feelings but she's probably just 'saying that' to push you away

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