I would like to express my story so far... :)

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend of two years left me about 5 weeks ago now. We had/have the most amazing connection and knew it was going to last, planned our wedding booked holidays etc, until one day he decided he didn't want to come home (we live together). He went around the corner to his mothers place.

It was definitely a HUGE learning curve for me, not only was he happily supporting me while I am studying a full time Science degree, he also was my everything, his family were my family, as I made the decision to move to a city to complete my degree without the support of my own close family and friends and that's when I met him! I won't go into the details but it was nothing short of absolutely amazing, yes we fought here and there and yes i know sometimes my negativity and jealousy took the better of me, but now that I have realised and know what needed to be fixed within myself, I have nothing but pure love and forgiveness towards him.

Over the last two weeks I have engulfed myself with nothing but positive thoughts and affirmations and seriously I feel so good about myself and all the hurt and regret feels like it has drifted away. I am ready to start a new, healthier relationship with my soul mate and it is the best feeling in the world knowing that one day he'll walk through the door and everything will align.

I've realised I can live without him, i can make myself happy and not be lonely without him, and to this day I still have complete trust within him. I practice yoga a couple times a week, meditate, I exercise daily, study hard and meet with friends for beach walks or lunch outings. Those are the things maybe i didn't do enough of when we were together, because all we wanted to do was be with each other.

It has been a week and a half and i haven't contacted him, I am leaving it up to the universe. I know he loves me and i know he misses home so much but I feel I need to let him contact me on his own terms. He has a lot going on with work and life in general at the moment and I don't want to get in the way even though I would literally kill to hear his voice.

Also, nothing seems to add up. When he came to get some of his clothes he was crying and was so incredibly upset and I seemed to hold myself together really well, I know he is hurting and that he doesn't want us to be apart. Yesterday I even saw him at our local cafe he was sitting there by himself with his hood on having a coffee, in the middle of the day, he wasn't at work like he usually is. Not for one moment do I want him to feel like that and it was so hard to not stop and jump out of the car and meet him but something was telling me it wasn't the right time for that.

Anyway there have been many, many signs that the LOA has already given me what I have asked for, a new healthy relationship with my partner. I visualize seeing things that make me happy like rainbows and sunflowers and without a doubt every day I see them in different forms of media, real life or in nature.

I just want to thank you for all the stories everyone has posted it really helps me get by and I could not be more grateful for that.

In the mean time I am waiting for my own magic to happen, well not exactly waiting around all day every day, but in my mind I know it's going to happen and I can feel it and I think that is the most important state to be in during a time like this.

Thanks for listening to me blab on haha had to get it out!


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  • heyy felicity did u meet ur love ??? did u speak to him?? hows it going ......m also waiting for my bf to contact me coz i hv decided to giv him his space :D

  • Thank you for your story! It sounds very similar to mine at the moment. I have a question for you though - Do you ever have days where you just feel like all hope is lost? "What am I doing?" sort of days?

    K x

  • Thank you, you too! Yep and when it gets here it will be amazing but in the mean time enjoy life :D.

  • I am excited for you dearie! 

    Me too, I know magic is on its delivery van.

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