I don't know if any of you saw my post the other day.... but I said I had a really strong feeling of contacting my ex.  Instead of act on this, I felt it meant that something was in the works...  and instead this time I would just let it be.  WOW!!!  Wow!


After telling me he didn't think we should talk anymore and ignoring me, he invites me back on Linkedin.  He has literally blocked and deleted me from every social media possible....   so why Linkedin of all contact?


Here is my feeling.... why bother?  Is this a "breadcrumb".  If he really wants to talk to me, he will

contact me.  Do I accept this request when he just told me 3 or 4 weeks ago that he doesn't think we should talk anymore?


I guess my biggest thing is.... I KNEW IT!  It was a feeling I had and i took the alternate route that I would normally take and now look!  He acted, not me :)

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  • This sounds really interesting to me, I have been wavering back and forth with that anxious feeling, and really want it to go away, as I feel that negativity is messing with my game in terms of processing communication with her, remaining positive and within my vortex. I guess it is just a process of getting yourself out of feeling that way using techniques and focus on your own self and what you are doing to take steps to manifest things for yourself.

    • what I learnt is to accept the down time because when I would think and worry about the neg feelings that meant I was focussed even more so if I have a bad day I cry whenever I want to.  Yes send the unconditiohnal love to yourself, do a search for the PI member 'illusions' and read all her wonderful posts for advice on unconditional love sending.  

      I have just noticed that one of us is doing well at any time on here, i.e. Mary T seems to be leading us strongly right now !!! I think that maybe when one of us is super in the positive zone then them coming on here and posting each day and keeping us going is really helpful and has really been good for me this week.

    • I agree Amanda. U have helped pull me out of the mud more times than I can count. We're here to help each other :)
  • Louis. Don't forget to send urself unconditional love!! It has been a long road for me. I've definitely felt what ur feeling but give it time. Once that anxious feeling ur feeling goes away things will get better. You will just recognize it. Don't know how to explain it. Don't let urself feel inadequate. She fell for I once, u can make her fall for u again :)
  • Thank you Amanda, I feel like I am really geting somewhere with all of this... I feel like it is less of a struggle and more a fluid journey that I am going through, the outcome of this particular ask from the universe is becoming less important to me than actually asking and doing things to set my ask in motion. I have started to formulate a plan, which attempts to straddle the ultra thin tight-rope line between acknowledging that if I come on too strong too soon it is fairly likely she will run a mile, also being fair to myself as well in that I am not going to just stand by forever as she continues to move on... She was always more than a friend to me, and I won't be happy just being in occasional contact until she is in love again.

    I see progress in our communication, and feel that she could be opening the door to something sub-consciously, I am going to grab hold of it and show her that I am ten times the best person for her...

    • Very inspiring, louis!  I definitely need inspiration today.

      I went to a place of feeling  a very deep 'having' of what i was creating with mine, and then I stopped creating in my mind and tried to focus on other things,  but I have found the free will element I couldn't get past.  That is our biggest obstacle.  In some ways i worry I have let go 'too much'

    • Sometimes and at the moment, I am going back to what Umberto first told me last week, maybe it is best to let go of outcomes (my interpretation), when you send unconditional love to someone, in whatever way you choose, you expect nothing in return... I am getting there slowly, and there are ups and downs, but for me that is letting go, knowing that when the time is right you, you will take the steps required to manifest what you desire and not be attached to the outcome so much that you can walk away after no matter the outcome. That seems like the letting go part, it is just hard because of all the waiting, like how great would it be if that time was a week away? You had met a couple of times with your ex, and things were great, having good conversation, and slightly reminiscing but not hurtful at all, and then there you are feeling like it is time to lay your cards out this time you meet... feeling that it is an action from within the momentum of your vortex. If that was a week away, you could build yourself up to it, do it, and then move on with whatever the outcome... the waiting allows time for other negativity to creep in which is the worst.  Free will is really hard, I admit, I often think that she doesn't want me like that anymore, finds other people attractive (probably for good reason, as they are great confident, good looking people), has fun in her life, her respect for me as a man has dwindled, but then I just realize that it is not her it is me who thinks all of those things, otherwise they wouldn't exist in my universe... I sometimes feel like a lesser man, not respectable, etc, she really has little to do with it. If I can genuinely feel like I am king of my universe, she will notice that, and I have struggled with HOW to become king of my universe so much, but one method that seems to get me there is by knowing that if it doesn't work out, I will walk away and life will go on, my path continues.

    • Louis, you've certainly been reading and learning a lot.  Everything you say is correct and I wish i could write it like that so artfully and, well, DO that. 

      I do think all LOA is about the unconditional love we express.  If you haven't (heard of Klaus Joehle, check out his website and audio book - he no longer posts but his old materials are there).  I'm going to re-read your thoughts a few times as they are helping me today.  

    • Thank you so much, it is true, its ALL unconditional love being hopefully emitted at all times... I am trying to get myself there, so I am emitting love and positive vibrations, even in the waiting time before things are manifested. I feel from what I have read, this is a common theme. I think it could be really helpful to share our techniques of dealing with these times of negative thought... Now obviously they are going to come, and trying to make them dissapear might just make one more angry or sad when they do come, I try to accept that I am feeling sad or anxious or whatever it might be but then realize that there are things that I can do that help me get out of these dips quicker... I tend to if I can get myself down to the gym and work out, I pretty much always leave feeling positive and productive. I also, play the greatful game; remind myself of all the great things about myself and my current situation, I also like to look at a map of the world, it sometimes makes me feel full of the possibilities of life and where my path could take me.

  • Louis, wow I like what you wrote, that does make sense.  

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