I don't know if any of you saw my post the other day.... but I said I had a really strong feeling of contacting my ex.  Instead of act on this, I felt it meant that something was in the works...  and instead this time I would just let it be.  WOW!!!  Wow!


After telling me he didn't think we should talk anymore and ignoring me, he invites me back on Linkedin.  He has literally blocked and deleted me from every social media possible....   so why Linkedin of all contact?


Here is my feeling.... why bother?  Is this a "breadcrumb".  If he really wants to talk to me, he will

contact me.  Do I accept this request when he just told me 3 or 4 weeks ago that he doesn't think we should talk anymore?


I guess my biggest thing is.... I KNEW IT!  It was a feeling I had and i took the alternate route that I would normally take and now look!  He acted, not me :)

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    • p.s. Linked in is a professional type of facebook used to network.  i suppose it can be useful. there is an option to send all your contacts an invite but you would think he would be more mindful knowing im one of his contacts. we were connected on it once before

    • oh ok.......I think that if he deleted you from everything else and he would be careful of that, so maybe it was intentional, what did u end up doing, deleting it? i was just ignore it and see what happens.

      I know it is so confusing, and the send mixed messages, ;maybe because they are so mixed up themselves.....

      Keep strong and positive, sending good vibes and hugs to you..........

    • I did nothing. I don't like how one email from him does this to me. It's not fair. I think I owe it to myself to not respond. I deserve flowers.... Lots of them :)
    • One last thing....

      You want a man who is on your side, not treating you as your foe just because you had loved him and wanted his love in like that are pathetic little self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish whimps. (A lot of 'self' in there, huh? I don't see the woman in there at all, do you?)

    • Yes, and you deserve flowers and love and adoration from a man who is deserving.

      This man is not deserving.

      Those that deserve our love are the ones who know it is priceless and valuable and are afraid to lose it. Not someone who is wishy washy and strings you along on a leash. Our men should be men, stepping up to the plate wanting to take care of us and protect us and our honor. Not acting like little boys who play the wounded victim and run away or shut you out. I will no longer compromise myself and be disrespected. If a man disrespects me, he has lost the gift of my love. The right man would see what this guy is doing to you and would be pissed off at how badly he is treating you and would want to defend your honor.

    • YEs Debs this is very true but unfortunatly we can't always love that perfect man somtimes the man that we truely love doesn't treat us like that and the man that does treat us perfect like that we dont love them like that. SO in my case i am willing to wait for my man, my imperfect man to come around and i know he loves me  and so he will, when and how i do not know but for me he is the only one that i i can love like that  (pure love) i know that now, so i will tolerate his childishness, his distance, his stubborness, until he is back in my arms for good and he will be... he already is.

    • We only accept the love we think we deserve.

    • good i would do nothing if i were you, but i get what that did to you the thought of him trying to contact you made you go crazy, and i get first you were really excited then your ego took over and you started over thinking it and made it into a mistake and now you don't know what to think, Just try and let it what you have been doing and TRY to forget about his email thing.......try and relax, and i know all too well that that is easier said then done,but try.

      and YES you deserve flowers lots and lots of flowers so do I and so does everybody on here that truely loves someone so much that we would go through all of this to try and get them back as we know that we are best for them.....If they could only see into our heart then they would know and then they would come back on bended knee, and beg for our forgiveness with LOTS OF FLOWERS..........

  • I don't know what Linkedin is....BUt it sounds like progress to me....I think you were right to not jump right on it think about it...and yes you had the feeling and something happened. like something was coming, Be cool maybe wait if you don't except it he will wonder and maybe make another type of contact..........Sounds good, he did it and not you as you say, means HE"S THINKING..................

  • He would have to so a lot more trying for me to believe he wanted to be a part of my life anyhow. If he were any other guy that would be meaningless so I'll just go along my merry way. It was either him testing me or an accident.
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