I've been doing great and feeling more centered and more myself with every passing day. I finally feel at peace just by the love of my life writing back. Germany keeps popping up! It's so weird. Whether its jobs or conversations. Today I was talking to someone and of all the countries she could mention she said u could go to Germany and set up events. She doesn't know my situation. Then I was talking to someone else and she was urging me to check out a yoga retreat card wanderlust. When I researched what it was I find out first thing what it means and that its actually a German word meaning the desire to travel. It's just ironic that it revolves around Germany yet had nothing at all to do with it. Even in church today the pastor was talking about his son traveling the world and feeling gods love. I guess my point is today the universe wasn't just talking to me it was yelling at me. It was like I couldn't ignore it if I tried. I wanted to share the wanderlust thing with my love but instead I'm going to journal these things. I want things in their timing. I'm embracing this. Does anyone feel me on this haha I know I'm babbling.

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  • We have to remind ourselves that the universe already knows what we want. Set it and forget it. We need to continue on snd let it come. I'm feeling better this morning. Sorry about your flight. You should still find something else fun to do :)
  • Yes I just wonder how long it is up and down before it feels stable and I begin to feel real comfort in where I am now. My flight to Barcelona just got cancelled and I have been up all night getting back from the airport... Sometimes I just think its cruel even if I am manifesting these things... Bumped into an old school friend though who is such a nice guy so every cloud eh?
    Facebook I totally get ya. Bad bad bad... You probably remember me saying I did that and found her posting on this guy I used to know timeline... Filled me with negativity that I just didn't need. Make a pact not to do it and stick to it. That means everything, checking if he has liked mutual friends statuses, etc. the only truth is the words shared directly between you... If there are other people in the picture, it is hard but yu have to see that as part of the journey not the end of it.
    I know I need to work on myself soon much but feel capable of being with her now... It is really frustrating having to release any form of control whilst not coming across like a pushover, I just have to almost pretend that I am totally fine. And I sometimes question my own strength when I think about how long I can keep this up.
  • It just takes practice. I'm having a down week myself. I'm having a good week for me but not feeling as strongly as I was. I looked at his Facebook. Bad idea. But all I can do is keep at it and not give up. Maybe your strength will help me be stronger this week. In general I have a hard time waiting for things. I want them now. So when it's not here right away and it "appears" as it might be going in another direction I get antsy. I quoted appears because we just never know what's going on behind Oz's curtain, do we. And I guess it doesn't really matter, all that matters is that we believe :)
  • That sounds great, I think travelling is such a great thing to do... And well done for resisting the urge to contact, it sounds like your doing very well with aligning yourself so keep to what you have been doing to keep yourself centred like that. I have been feeling up and down, I am going on holiday myself tomorrow for a week to Barcelona which will be great, I really hope I come back feeling great.
    Iron or's thread on power law of attraction has helped me recently, it is such a blessing having forums like this where we can share and seek advice from the universe, so babble on if you ask me! Every experience is relevant to each others it seems in some context.
    I seem to be having trouble removing doubt, it creeps in everyday at some point. I feel great as well and try to focus on that yet the practical what ifs and buts some times just surround me. I have used meditation and focussing on my breathing to bring me out of such moments but it doesn't seem to stop them coming. I come back on the 19th and she starts her job whilst I am away and the last we left it was that I said sure lunch would be good anytime from the 19th when I am back... So I think I am feeling anxious about that. I know one thing for certain which kind of brings us full circle, I am not going to contact her... I will wait if need be. I think that is definitely a certain way of leaving the vortex as you place too much emphasis on the outcome of them responding and how they respond, also it is key that they know and think that you will be okay and are okay on your own.
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