My firend's success story

I wanted to share the success story of my friend's whom I have helped attract her ex back.

I told her to use techniques from "The Forbidden Parapsychology" book, the same ones I used to attract my ex back once.

She visualised him telling her all of the things she wanted to hear. She also visualised like she was in his body and talked to herself as she was him. She got into that "feeling" of being right there and hearing all those thing as if they were real right now. She also listened "Get your ex back subliminal" on you tube every night while falling asleep.

After about one week while she was walking with her sister she met him. He asked her if he could pick her up later and she agreed. He picked her up and they had a long talk and he mainly said all of the things she was visualising. They are now back toghether and building better and healthier relationship.

I wanted to share this with you people so you don't lose hope. Just believe in the process and hold your vision! :)

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  • This is amazing!! I'm new to using this technique (I learned it from Lanie Stevens' book called Pussy Whip), it talked about visualizing all the things you want to hear to ex say to you too. I just tried it today for the first time and I feel great! I will definitely check out the book you mentioned above! Thank you so much for sharing!

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