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Hi Everyone!

First of all I want to thank the Powerful Intentions community for being here as I learn more about the Law of Attraction. It's great to hear everyone's stories, and to know that many people face the same struggles that I do.

Okay, so I have a question. I am trying to manifest my ex back, and I am wavering in between "letting go" and anxiety, but a curious thing has been happening recently. I have been getting asked out on a lot of dates by different men. I have gone out with each man who has asked me, but I am not really making a connection with any of them besides friendship. In fact, some of the dates have left me feeling drained and more depressed about my situation with my ex. 

Has anyone else experienced this as they were trying to manifest someone back into their life? Did other men/women start appearing out of nowhere? I've gone on more dates in the past four months than I had in the year before I met my ex. I'm not trying to brag (please, if someone wants to be in my situation, they are more than welcome to have it) :) But why are all these men appearing in my life? Does this mean I am close to manifesting something? I focus on the phrase "I want my ex back, or someone better," so I am wondering if maybe my ex or "better" is about to appear.

For a very long time, I was feeling lonely, which I feel counters the situation I am in. If feeling lonely would bring more loneliness, why am I being asked out/interacting with so many people?

Any thoughts/advice? I am trying to make a conscious choice to be single right now and love myself, but it seems as if the universe does not want me to have that.

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  • Amanda, thanks for the video. I think this is how my ex and I originally ended up together, and why we eventually broke up. Very insightful.

  • funny but i just saw this on youtube for the first time just now and sums up a bit of what I was saying

  • I went out with a guy on a double date about a month ago and felt the same way. It took me a while to realize two things. One it meant that I wasn't ready to be going on dates and two it meant that I wasn't that interested in the guy. I remember how I felt when I met the love of my life. I was on cloud 9 from the get go. I will not settle for anything less than fireworks. Dating does take you back a bit but I found myself able to recover quicker. However with that being said I realized dating didn't make me feel good and the whole point is to do things that make you feel good so you can focus on the feeling good to attract more things that give you that feeling. Find those things and invest in those things. I don't think you're ready to date. Whatever it is if it leaves u with bad feelings don't continue to do it.
  • I know what you mean, it is natural to feel drained though at times like these you might have to make up for lost sleep or restless sleep at least... So that might not have much to do with the dates themselves but more the emotional stress of the situation. The thing is to begin with, I remember just wanting to be with my ex so much that other people made me feel the longing more, this passes after a while so it is good to stay in contact with people like this just as friends for socialising etc... I hope your doing well anyway, I am there at the moment so I know how hard and confusing it can be.
  • Also whatever you decide to do try to feel gratitude for the dates, as they are blessings in a way as they are part of you and your journey.
    • Thanks Louis! I am trying to be grateful for the dates that I am receiving. Usually they start out great, but when I get home I just feel drained. I think maybe I need to work on other areas in my life right now. Thanks for your advice!

  • I had a similar situation in the first few months following the breakup... I think it was because I was seeking the comfort that became familiar with my ex, but realised that it wasn't the same at all so kind of cut it off with these women in the nicest way possible. I sometimes regret it as I feel it is a good way to move on, and the loneliness is obviously sometimes hard. I am learning to be alone, and happiness is building. I think go with your gut, if you look forward to meeting these people in whatever way, then do. Maybe do it anyway for a month or so, and see if anything changes. If you still feel that it is having negative results then be on your own for a while. I think we can sometimes get bogged down in manifesting relationships, because it means so much to us... But really there are loads of other elements of life we can manifest and improve on, and be happy about. Physical health, work, education, travel, skills. Confidence is knowledge of something, I heard the other day and found that quite an interesting concept.
    I was weary of the whole dating thing... I find it strange as we are told in a lot of places that you have to be fully over a past relationship before starting a new (good) one. But then at the same time I want to manifest dates and so on so that I feel 'single' because like it or not, that what we are... And we have to live in the moment. I feel ready for dating now, not like I did before when It was still fresh, but then I had dates then and not now, funny that. Whilst the whole time, still really know who the person I want to be with is... It is sometimes complex to get your head round.
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