Veronica Isles 25 Day Challenge

Does anyone want to do the Veronica Isles 25 day challenge to bring back an ex?

I am on day 2, but I think that if we are all in the same position we can really help one another.

Our ex's will be back, we all just need to let go. And we can do it together!!!

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  • I read her Get your Ex back in 25 days. Now I am taking this 25 days challenge from Monday. Those who completed this challenge successfully, pls share you experience
  • Added :) also have you had bad dreams of your relationship replay out in dreams and it kinda effects your mindset in the day?  I am trying to wipe out all the bad and go start from the ground up.  So far in the last couple of days i've been not thinking about the 3rd party much and thinking about us being together.  :) Ty so much drop me a line sometime in my box I am just now starting this site.

  • Im on day four! Would love to work with others and share success stories.  It was a tough day for sure today, but I have hope and want nothing more then to show my daughter that we can fix anything and make it good again if we have faith.  Please feel free to add me and message me. 

  • I need that book too.

  • I'm doing it for the second time now! I made it to day 10 then fell off. I'm picking up in the morning. :) The first time around I did get an apology from him! this time I know he's coming back for good. Veronica is great, I ended up getting email coaching from her and she's so nice!

  • Hi dear, I am starting to read it after you mentioned the book. The methods from the book looks fun, we will how our proceed goin. Thanks for shared here!

  • how can I get this book and how is it fairing for u ?

  • haha runs :D

  • no amazon is letting you read some books for 30 days for free! I downloaded the 25 day challenge for free!

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