write your own love story.... reflecting

i was reading success stories of other people that reignited love with past lovers.  its so inspiring and it reignites my faith.  i will try to remember to post stories as i come across them in their own thread.

anyhow i came across a thread that said im writing my own love story and something clicked.  right before i met my love, i had prayed to god to open my heart to love and let love in and i was using the secret.  i didnt know it was part of LOA, i didn't even know what LOA was.  in a way, i even built in signs to myself.  i would say things like, he's going to bring me flowers and HE DID.  he sent them to me before our second date while i was at work. i also wanted someone that paid close attention to me and did tiny little things that meant more than material things and he did.  he was always doing things for me.  but once i got the things i wanted, i was greedy and wanted more from him.  

anyhow, in the process i made a list.  in fact i think i made several but as of today i was only able to find one.  the thing i realized about my list was that i was asking for traits in a person, but not of things we would do and be to eachother.  the one main thing that stands out is that i wrote, has a job or persuing a career.  UM HELLO!! of course i was quickly jotting this down at the time, but it's true, be careful what you wish for.  He left here because he was persuing his career.  I suppose I should have said someone who was steady in their career. haha i also wrote likes to travel, open minded.  DOH!  well that was dumb.  he traveled all the way open mindedly to germany.... WITHOUT ME!!  so what i learned in reflecting on this is that i need to be more specific when im asking for things.

there is no doubt in my mind i attracted exactly him into my life.  i did it once, ill do it again.  this time, in my list, i wrote "WE" and "together" and i will get it right because the time in between is the universe taking my order and building my dream.  you wouldn't want someone to hurry up and build your dream house, why rush the universe to hurry up and build your dream.  you want it to be right the second time around, don't ya??!?!

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  • I think this is key... we should really know how things should be different for it to work this time and not to just be blinded by the powerful love we feel, but practically understand how we can make the relationship work. I think the key to mine is more communication, I know it seems broad but seems that so many of the problems could have been addressed with clear communication rather than storing up all the negatiivity for so long...

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