How to heal relationships with BF/GF family friends.or colleagues
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  • But the thing is debs! What if this guy is what wqe really want? What if that is our hearts desire? Why can't we have it? If the law,or god works to give us our hearts desire then why can't we have what we truely want? If we have been asking for this for so long and its what we know we want to our core,why can't we have it? If I want a new car,or a new job or a new home and I focus on it the law says I can have it! So what's wrong with me wanting the person that I really want! Why can't I have the man that I want to have?? Isn't that cruel? I feel for over a year that I want this man,I think of him every day I miss himn so much and he is what I want,but because I love and miss hinm I can't have him! If I stop loving him and don't want him then mabee I can have him! So I can have what I want in the world but not what I really want?? Does that make sense? All the other things are just things that I woulkd like to have in my life but the thing that I most want I can't have untill I stop wanting it,that seems cruel to me! I know I shouldn't be negative about it but hoiw can I not question something that makes me feel so bad? I should let go and trust,I get that! But if I let go and trust then I may not even get him back anyway!! What if he is all that I want! Why can't I have that?
  • Aww,thank you debbie! I know if I feel down I can post on hereand one of you will pick me up! I know what you mean tho! I was in a shop and the guy actually waited outside for me to come out an then just started telling me all of this! I felt horrible! I told my sister about it and she said the same as you! Why would he tell you all of this? He was just trying to upset you! Telling me he's with someone with such exitment! He was beaming when he was telling me! I just started thinking what's going on here? As soon as I start to believe that I can have what I want,I can have him,he's not out of my reach,I was feeling so good,I was walking with my head up again thinking that of course I can have him,why not! All of a sudden from nowhere someone comes to me and pulls the rug out from under me! Now I feel like I'm back to square one!! I know I have to still be possitive but I can't help feeling that if he's with someone else now and he's that happy,how is my possitive thinking and wanting him going to work now? Am I to late? I'm stuck! And I know that you girls will tell me to just keep possitive and I know that's what I should be doing,but this has hit me like a brick! Its been hard enough when I thought he was single,how do I still keep believing that I can have him when he's thinking about someone else? He's not gonna just suddenly stop thinking of her and start thinking of me is he? Why is nothing working? I'm so sory I'm coming back with all of this negative stuff,I know I shouldn't but I don't know how things are going to change now! Debbie,thank you for replying to me! Thanx for being there! This is like my worst nightmare come to pass now! I've tried and tried to be possitive I've even started to believe,after all this time I started to believe that I can have him! Now this! How can I turn this around?
  • Ok I know I'm not Debs but I'm for moral support. Remember what she said about getting her ex's back and they had girlfriends, so do NOT let this detour you. WHy would this guy say all that to you anyway, he knew about you guys right, and that would be mean of him to throw that in your face. Ok your negative thoughts are't going to help you, u have to stay POSITIVE, I am with ya. Since Debs posts I have been trying to stay positive and let go. and it is working for my vibration, I have not run into him for two days and I think it is because of this. SO something has shirfted for me and I think somehow it is a good thing because i have good feelings about it. Please don't be scared, it will be ok. Rememeber we are the author of our own book, anythig that we can think can be,, whenever I start to panic over my situation I say FAITH and it snaps me out of it quickly, instead of fear you have faith that it WILL all work out the way you want it to. I believe this with my whole heart and soul that it will all work out and he is MARRIED, and I am still living in the house with mine although estranged, and my kids aren't speaking to me and I have no job and am 57,OK so if i can do this SO CAN U!!! CHIN UP GF!!!  

  • Hi guys! I've been feeling pretty possitive since reading everything debs wrote the other day, I was feeling good,on my way to the gym on friday and bumped into s friend of his! Just for no reason he started talking about my guy! Saying he's got a girlfriend now,he's so happy,he's walikng around witha big smile on his face bla bla bla!! I tried not to let it effect me but it has! What can I possibly do now? How is he even ever going to want me again or think of me if he's got someone else to think about! I've been doing everything I could! I've been meditating,sending loveing thoughts,doing rs,getting me back! But its not been working! He's got someone else now! Please help debs!! What do I do now? I'm trying to still not let it effect me but I'm a bit scared now! What can I do?
  • Debs, it's probably on your page here, in your "inbox", which is right below your name, on your page. Check there :D

  • thanks Debs love you!!

  • is it ok to keep saying I love you B I love you B cause I do that all the time should I stop that??

  • what you resist persists!!!

  • Debs said don't be afraid when you not thinking of him and say OMG get him back in your head, and thats exactly what i do. I read once. The way to always get what you want is by not needing it, you will welcome it when it comes but you don't dwell on it. Yeh ok easier said than done!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • So Basically cause nothing bad is happening right now to us cause he's not here doing anything, then all it is is our thoughts our feelings our EGO.  I can do good all day happy thinging positive, singing in the car, and then all of a sudden BAM it comes over me like a wave and I just start cryng and the empitness the fear everything comes flooding in. When that happens what u just start from scratch?

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I need Omega big help on getting my ex back.

Okay introduction to my situation, I met my child's father in middle school went through a bad breakup before hand wanted my other ex back but he rejected me big time. But, Billy my child's father came into the picture after 10 yrs of no seeing him and I had a huge crush on him in middle school and apparently he felt the same way but was the popular guy but didn't wanna be made fun or have to fight anymore people because of me.  When we officially got together, he did a Navajo hair binding…

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My firend's success story

I wanted to share the success story of my friend's whom I have helped attract her ex back.I told her to use techniques from "The Forbidden Parapsychology" book, the same ones I used to attract my ex back once.She visualised him telling her all of the things she wanted to hear. She also visualised like she was in his body and talked to herself as she was him. She got into that "feeling" of being right there and hearing all those thing as if they were real right now. She also listened "Get your…

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Anniversary time....advice appreciated

I am trying to make sense of what I'm feeling at the moment. I've been more relaxed lately and focusing on school, my business, getting homework done, working out, playing around with manifestation with other people and things. But this is the time when everything comes full circle. This was the exact time last year when my relationship with my ex began to crumble, but today makes one year since his father passed.Tomorrow was our anniversary. A lot had gone on at this time that had hurt me, and…

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New to this... And very unsure

I'm a very negative person... Class half empty is putting it lightly.    I've never had a real or successful relationship and I find it nearly impossible to be attracted to people.    Last year (spring 2015) under a set of bizarre circumstances, I met a guy that was literally the man of my dreams, everything I ever wanted.  But people in my life didn't approve of him over misconceptions over his character though they'd never met him (they've all since apologized to me since and realize he's a…

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