How to heal relationships with BF/GF family friends.or colleagues
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  • Don't wory debbie! One day your guy will take you dancing naked in the rain! Haha!! Oh by the way!! I went to meet my sister today to go to the gym and she told me that she was at the park with her little boy yesterday and my guy came into the park and asked her if she is ok,and does she need any money??? What the hek is that all about?? She doesn't like him so she was like nooooo! Why would I want your money!! She said she doesn't even understand why he did that!! That's very strange don't you think? Although,her boyfriend and her have been having some problems and he has moved in with my guy,they are friends!! But why go and ask her does she need money and try to give her money?? I find that quite strange!!
  • Luna thanks for your post. I know my statements go against the LOA its just that is what my fam keeps telling me I did to them. BUt i know it is all for the best. THey know i love them I have told them that and also to my husband that I love him but not the way a woman loves her man, never had been like that,  IWIll have that, the sparks, the passion, the wow, the fairtale ending I DESERVE!!


  • Sam that is really cool what you did in the rain, again something me and my guy talked about doing but never got there,  I know we will though, walking in the rain with the one you love........yum......


    i just heard this song and for some reason i can't stop thinking about it I guess what it is saying and what we need to do is keep dreaming, don't settle, really listen to our hearts, go for the moon, and if something isn't growing its really not good, and if something isn't making you grow and you feel stifled then you need to leave and as hard as it is that is what i am doing, it feels right it feels good..

  • Oh and hello luna!! I'm sam!! Nice to have you here! Now we have four!! How can any of us feel negative when we have 3 other people here to support us and bring us back to our senses when we get down?? No more getting down charlies angels are here,hahaha!! When you feel yourseld getting negative,low,or weak,just come here and call on the girls! We will all give eachother a good kick up the bum!!!
  • Hey ladies! How are you all today?? Guess what I did today?? I was out shopping and it started pouring with rain!! Like I mean pouring,like I've never seen here befor! I came into the house,put my bags down,grabbed my skipping ropes and went to the park and skipped in the rain,people were running all over the place trying to get shelter and I took my jacket off and put my headphones on and skipped,I was absolutley soaked,like a drowned rat!! Hahahaha!! Then I just started walking with my face turned up to the sky and let the rain wash all my makeup off and just drench me!! I was walking home just wading through all the puddles and standing at the side of the road waiting to cross just letting the cars pass and spray the puddles over me! I had this silly smile on my face and people were passing me looking at me like I was mad! I just smiled at them!! It was like I was a ten year old again!! It felt amazing!! I feel like all of my cares and worries were just washing away!hahahaha!! I loved every second of it! I had to pour the water out of my shoes when I got home!! Debbie you now know a crazy scottish lassie,hahaha!!
  • Debbie, are your children and your ex husband healthy? Do your children know you love them? They will be ok. We all go through hard times in life...and they will come out stronger. Don't say you destroyed your family. Change the vibration of your thoughts. I'm no expert, but I've been reading a lot about LOA and it makes total sense to me. Change the way you feel about the whole situation. Send only love to your family. It will all work out :D

    I am Brazilian. This week I'm off from work...I think I'll bike to the beach to watch the sunset later on :D

  • Hi Luna I was thinking that same thing, how my husband feels for me is what I feel for my guy, how sad that all is. and yes the way he has no chanc with me I may not have a chance with my guy, and your right the way they left doesn't matter even if i made they split happen. he still isn't here even if he is doing it for spite .

    Yes and I have thought of that as well, that all of this talking about it here just makes us more aware of they are NOT HERE. The only thing it does for me is make me feel not alone... I am tryng to just life happen believe me its hard though when u have destroyed your whole family in the process of being with the one you love.....

    I love that we are all from different places and yet have all of this in common. 

    Yes so lets just talk when we feel like it.

    So what do you do there in Brazil?  

  • Hi girls, I am here a lot, just reading and rooting for all of us. Debbie, your last post made me think of something: you mentioned how your husband doesn't have a chance with you anymore. What if the way you feel about your husband is the same way our guys think about us. They did choose to leave. The circumstances when they left don't matter, in my opinion. They still left. I wonder if the right thing to do is just forget about the whole thing and let life happens. Maybe we should talk about other stuff, as well. Take our minds off those men! lol
    I'm in Brazil, so we are from 4 different cities and 3 different continents! I love the internet ;D


  • Sam actually I am 57,age doesn't matter to me though. I appreciate what u and Deb are saying about being with other guys. THat might be ok for you as your situations are different. What we just went through over those months and the hurt I saw in his eyes and the tears and everything I felt his anquish over things that happened 30 and 40 yrs ago with me an other men you can't imagine, so its not just the vow i made to him, I actually even said even if we don't end up together I still will never be with anyone else. I have told my kids this and they have a problem with it also. Why would i want to be alone for the rest of my life. I know it makes to sense. I am still married and living in the house with him I can't give him a word without him reading more into it like there is still a chance for us and there isn't at all Once I have a job I think i will be have less time on my hands and less time to think.  I willl just keep busy. All this truely has made me STRONGER and I have done things I NEVER thought I was capable of, so I gonna keep trying new things and just be.

    I do a dance class at the gym dancing keeps you young makes you happy and I love doing that, I do a yoga class, step class, pump class, spin class, combat class and the dance class. I am there 7 days a week.  and I walk at the park and sometimes I even run, something I have never done.

    So now I know a Scotish Lassie cool!!!


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I need Omega big help on getting my ex back.

Okay introduction to my situation, I met my child's father in middle school went through a bad breakup before hand wanted my other ex back but he rejected me big time. But, Billy my child's father came into the picture after 10 yrs of no seeing him and I had a huge crush on him in middle school and apparently he felt the same way but was the popular guy but didn't wanna be made fun or have to fight anymore people because of me.  When we officially got together, he did a Navajo hair binding…

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My firend's success story

I wanted to share the success story of my friend's whom I have helped attract her ex back.I told her to use techniques from "The Forbidden Parapsychology" book, the same ones I used to attract my ex back once.She visualised him telling her all of the things she wanted to hear. She also visualised like she was in his body and talked to herself as she was him. She got into that "feeling" of being right there and hearing all those thing as if they were real right now. She also listened "Get your…

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Anniversary time....advice appreciated

I am trying to make sense of what I'm feeling at the moment. I've been more relaxed lately and focusing on school, my business, getting homework done, working out, playing around with manifestation with other people and things. But this is the time when everything comes full circle. This was the exact time last year when my relationship with my ex began to crumble, but today makes one year since his father passed.Tomorrow was our anniversary. A lot had gone on at this time that had hurt me, and…

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New to this... And very unsure

I'm a very negative person... Class half empty is putting it lightly.    I've never had a real or successful relationship and I find it nearly impossible to be attracted to people.    Last year (spring 2015) under a set of bizarre circumstances, I met a guy that was literally the man of my dreams, everything I ever wanted.  But people in my life didn't approve of him over misconceptions over his character though they'd never met him (they've all since apologized to me since and realize he's a…

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