How to heal relationships with BF/GF family friends.or colleagues
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  • I release any desperation and allow love to find me. Just saw this in twitter. It reminded me right before u met him I used to say god please open my heart to love. Let love in. And there he was. :)
  • Trying to get out if this funk. Working midnights doesn't help because all I wanna do is sleep during the day. Last night i came across some things he said. He was always so happy with me. He even said every day I know more and more that she's the one. He said that! I forgot. I think I will go back and read that over and over bc even then when he said that u didn't believe him. So I need to believe those words. He wrote them plain as day.
  • i almost just emailed my ex.  definitely missing him. decided to post here instead and send out loving thoughts to him instead of an email.

  • Thank you so much for that, I have basically been fluctuating between doing exactly that; being honest and telling her how I feel and how we can move forward... And then the doubts creep in; maybe she just wants to be friends, will it be too much for her pride to take me back, will I be in a worse situation if I do open up again, you see I did this once before and she said she would like to meet up and then the following week said she felt like I was pressuring her... I still feel doubt and fear. I have been reading the old DNA post by kerwin, and doesn't opening up to her go against what that says ? which is work on yourself, keep contact courteous and brief, then when you do meet up treat it like a first date essentially. Thanks for the writing suggestion I will do that. I still feel really confused though... The only thing I am not confused about is that I love her and want her back.
  • I am going to start a thread as just realised how to do this
  • Thank you ver much for reading a replying. I understand what you mean. I think I feel clouded on the specifics because I am still hurting, feeling abandoned. I need to work on that as at times I know already that this is my responsibility not hers. Should I write down the parameters or specifics of the ideal relationship as a sort of affirmation and then let go... ? I feel I know what I want, which is an honest equal loving relationship where both of us are completely happy with the others actions as I know we already are in spirit. In the meantime how should I conduct myself in this communication? Leave all initiation to her? Or risk her knowing that I want her back by being proactive?
  • Hello everyone... I hope everyone is really well and manifesting great things, whatever they are.

    I would love some advice on my situation.

    My ex gf broke up with me 7 months ago. Background info: we had been in a relationship for 3 years. Stressful at times, she had an abortion among other things. This breakup was because I decided to move out of the apartment we were living in to get space as we were arguing a lot, I didn't realise it would lead to a breakup just thought we were young (23) amd maybe we jumped the gun on moving in, I just wanted to have space so we truly enjoyed each others company again. She saw this differently and fell out of love with me to a certain extent. That was that. the LOWEST I have ever felt, and I have had very sticky breakups in the past that didn't even begin to compare to this fairly smooth one... because she is the love of my life.

    Sorry for the essay, and thanks for reading. The current situation: She had texted me every two weeks since the breakup, and said that she still loves me about three times. I was trying to focus on me, and it was hard when the texts did come as I noticed energy sapping away.

    About a month ago she sent me a long text, saying she will love me forever and will always be there for me, respects me and thinks about me everyday, but understands that it is probably not a great idea if we communicate at the moment. RELIEF! though it hurt in the moment, and ofcourse as natural thoughts that maybe I had been too cold, too distant, etc flooded my mind in an instant, I soon realized that this was perfect: She had said that she loves me and thinks about me everyday but we should do our own thing now out of contact for a while... finally absolute positive closure! I sent one back reciprocating essentially.

    A month down the line, she initiates contact AGAIN! Just when I was satrting to really get into ME! But there is progression: She says she has a new job in town, and 'might be nice to meet for lunch at somepoint if you want to... If not I understand'. I left it a couple of days as I really didn't know how to respond, I was getting on with my life, but by no means had completely moved on, and need to work on me ALOT more... but didn't want to pass up an opportunity to meet or to reject a meetup and have that on my conscience. So I said sure. What Should I do? Go not go? Let her decide when it is to be, or take the driving seat on this meetup? I am all over the place with these decisions and would love any advice. Again, sorry for the long post.


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  • My friend Michael Fiore just put up a new video about how to capture a man's heart with three steps.  In the video he talked about what made him fall in love with his current girlfriend.  

    The video also talks about the "Lighthouse Method" of standing out and making yourself the single most irresistible woman in any room.

    I also concur with the first step which is what every woman should keep in mind: if you want to keep a man, don't need him!  I can tell you right now why your (ex) man or a man that you like isn't in your life: it's because you NEED him.

    That's how I become a guy magnet because I have this aura that tells them that I'm fine the way I am now.  I love my life, I love being single but the right man is welcome and we will add values into each other's life.  I want a man, but I don't need a specific someone to be happy!

    See the difference?

    Without further ado, I'd like you to check this video presentation yourself:

    Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever

    And the great thing is by applying these principles you will also attract your ex back and make him fall in love with you all over again!!

  • Debs I think he moved on and now is your turn to move on , then magic of life will be start :)

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I need Omega big help on getting my ex back.

Okay introduction to my situation, I met my child's father in middle school went through a bad breakup before hand wanted my other ex back but he rejected me big time. But, Billy my child's father came into the picture after 10 yrs of no seeing him and I had a huge crush on him in middle school and apparently he felt the same way but was the popular guy but didn't wanna be made fun or have to fight anymore people because of me.  When we officially got together, he did a Navajo hair binding…

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My firend's success story

I wanted to share the success story of my friend's whom I have helped attract her ex back.I told her to use techniques from "The Forbidden Parapsychology" book, the same ones I used to attract my ex back once.She visualised him telling her all of the things she wanted to hear. She also visualised like she was in his body and talked to herself as she was him. She got into that "feeling" of being right there and hearing all those thing as if they were real right now. She also listened "Get your…

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New to this... And very unsure

I'm a very negative person... Class half empty is putting it lightly.    I've never had a real or successful relationship and I find it nearly impossible to be attracted to people.    Last year (spring 2015) under a set of bizarre circumstances, I met a guy that was literally the man of my dreams, everything I ever wanted.  But people in my life didn't approve of him over misconceptions over his character though they'd never met him (they've all since apologized to me since and realize he's a…

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Feeling Good :)

So, it been a couple of days since I realized, "I don't even know what the hell makes me happy". I have done nothing but do things that make me happy, that make me feel good. I feel...relief. I don't know if I'm happy or if I just feel so much better than I did before. Honestly, it doesn't really matter to me right now. I feel good.I have continued to work on centering myself. Working on my alignment and vibrations. My gratitude towards life, the universe. I've taken on two main mantras: Focus…

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