We can share ALL the GOOD NEWS in our lives here.
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  • Stephanie, say hi to Anna for me !
  • My good news is that I have FRIENDS like RUTH !!

    Thank YOU sweetheart ! I could not have done it without YOU !!!
  • The good news today is that I feel blessed ...because you are so many people out there ..who is healing the world with your unconditional love...THANK YOU!!!*S*
  • No ! I'm with YOU Stephanie !!
    LOL ! Our Kids !!!!!

    P.S. Take a look at the blog I posted about MY DAUGHTER FIONA !! LOL !

  • CHILDREN !!!!
  • Stephanie !
    It doesn't GET any better !!

  • Most of my friends here already know , but I will reiterate here .
    I FINALLY got my FLYERS for my August art show !

    So ... some much appreciated FORWARD momentum !!!
    Thanks to all of my PRECIOUS friends here in P.I. land !

    We are MANY , we are ONE !
  • The good newsThe company that I am working with after 14 years of research is ready to launch in about a week. The product will change lives to get a preview here is a number that you can call to get an overview call at 10-12- 2-4 the number is 712 432 7551 pin 289613# this is your good news for today.
  • This sounds like a great idea - service to others while achieving personal growth and financial freedom - Good News is right up there with personal development - energy focused in the right direction - can only lead to bigger and better things.....course I want to be part of it - ABSOLUTELY!
  • Good news of the day; I joined this community, which seems great!
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Today's Accomplishments

Not sure if this is the right place but I am in such a good mood I thought I would share it with others. Kind of seeing my world as the glass is half full.My way of staying on the up side is to be fully aware of what I have accomplished. Exspecially since I remember a time in my life where just getting out of bed, and then writing down each tiny thing I did was proof to me that I had accomplished something.SO...I have cleaned, cleared, re-built, thrown out, and re-organized all except a 20 x 20…

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