I create food. In the kitchen, I feel like a magician with one goal: to take a bunch of ingredients put them together and make them delicious.


Over the years, I've created many dishes and some are truly unique, delicious and marketable. As a matter of fact, I did have a small smoothie business in a seasonal resort town that enjoyed enough success to let me know to keep going. So, I did.


I wish for a licensing agreement for my unique chocolate and food recipes. The chocolates are awesome with 50% less sugar, and my soups and all natural, organic, smoothies make the competition look sick.


I thought about selling my food as a business, but, the cost and time investment are just too prohibitive for me; I would rather just be able to create my dishes, figure out which ones would be most marketable and obtain licensing agreements for them.


Is there anyone out there, in PI.org, who can help put me together with such a person?


(Why a bored rich lady?, Because several of my food products [particularly the chocolate candies] are target marketed toward women. Making a profit is not an issue, it's getting the products out there that is; and the law won't let me do it from my kitchen.)

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  • There is  http://cougarlife.com/ that has older women looking for younger men. 


    For your chocolate adventures there's - depending on where you live - dragon's den in canada where you pitch your business idea to hot shot millionaires and they financially back you if you can sell yourself well enough im sure there are similar ones in US too if you live there. 


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