I can't believe how lewd my previous discussion title sounded, until after I re-read it on the discussion list. I humbly apologize and ask you to let me explain: I have come up with a delicious chocolate recipe. It is so good, I felt the best target market would be women who can appreciate fine chocolate over the kind school kids sell.
The chocolate is so good and even so experiential as to be even fun, it just made the most sense to me to look for a bored wealthy woman as an investor or license agreement. Someone with knowledge in the food industry, recognizes a quality product when she sees one, is open to possibilities and sees a few of her own. Ask yourselves, is there really anything new and delicious in chocolate today?

The people who have sampled my chocolates. through impromptu tastings at various retail outlets, have all responded overwhelmingly and enthusiastically positively. All have asked where they can purchase the products, and I have orders from 2 stores, once I overcome the packaging, labeling, handling and licensing of the product.

It really would be a shame for this lovely product to die simply because I couldn't obtain the funding to breathe life into my business.

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