Based of the discussion...Wish however way you want - wish for anything. By listing our wishes, and posting them out in the open, and by READING OTHER'S WISHES, it assists in manifesting them. And sends out lots of positive energy, too, of course :]
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Welcome to the Granting Wishes Experiment Group


[Based on the discussion, once in the old forum, brought back to the new one]

I hope you find happiness, positive energy, and have fun :]

To whoever started the topic in the old forum, I thank you.

So. What is the Granting Wishes Experiment??
By listing our wishes, and posting them out in the open, and by READING OTHER'S WISHES, it assists in manifesting them. And sends out lots of positive energy, too, of course :]

Many wishes from the old and new discussion have manifested :]

Wish however way you want -
intend, declare, want...word it however, this is OUR group. Anyone, everyone, is welcome here. Any, all wishes and desires are welcome here as well.

-Please, let's try to keep the energy postive.
-If anyone has a problem, or is harassed/feels uncomfortable/etc, please let me know. The situation will be reviewed and handled promptly.
-Have Fun!


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  • I wish for abundant health, for all my hormones to be perfect so that I can successfully get pregnant with a healthy baby as soon as possible.
    Wish for my bladder issue to be gone as soon as possible, which I believe is healing itself.
    I wish for my husband's business deal to finish.
    I wish for my mother to be happy.
    I wish for my husband's health to improve and for him to be able to sleep without taking painkillers and sleeping pills.
    I wish for an abundance of money to be able to help those in need.
    I wish for that beautiful new home by the sea we've been admiring.
  • I wish for a positve pregnancy test this month, March 2010.
    I wish for a loving lifelong marriage with AG enjoying our blended families.
    I wish for an abundance of money, initially so I may become self employed and to afford me opportunities to help others.

    Thank you universe for wanting happiness for me and bringing forth my wishes...Thank you Thank you Thank you....
  • I am so happy happy happy , thank you - thank you ! I got it !!!!!
    I am so grateful and thankful !

    I love - I believe - I have trust

    So, I know that ... .... .... ... .... .. .... .. .. ... .. ... ... ... .. ....... .... ... !
    I fell it :-)

    Thank you
  • Sadly I did not get my wish for my mom to recover from her cancer, I lost her on the 30 Jan... But she got divine healing and at least is suffering no more...

    Now all I wish for is a financial boost and still wishing for a new car that is reliable...
  • I wish for reconciliation between me and my best friend. Sending much love to all. <3
  • I wish :
    1. good grades in studies.
    2. positive recognition.
    3. a wonderful career and income.
    4. a beautiful lifelong love relationship.
    5. to be in peace with everyone.
    6. to feel happiness and completeness all the time.

    Thank you universe for granting me these wishes! I believe they are coming my way.
  • I wish for a fantastic new home, a lotto win and something wonderful to happen in my life
  • I wish to be physically loved and in a healthy relationship. I wish to hear something tonight/
  • I wish for my appearance to change & I wish that the suffering in Haiti get help <3<3<3
  • I wish for my mother's cancer to be healed (ASAP)
    Secondly I wish to win the car in the competion which I am entering (draw 29 Jan 2010)
    Thirdly I wish for an abundance of money to flow my way so that I can clear all my debt and not have to work for a boss so I can stay home take care of my mother
    And last but not least a life partner who knows the LOA and how to manifest and will really love and adore me & that other's wishes also manifest.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
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I wish :)

I wish to be a successful driver who is attentive, confident, and skillful at driving. I want every driving sessions I have improve and progress from before each time and each and every time I drive out in the streets I am calm and confident and focused throughout the entire procedure. I want to have a successful drive time today in which I feel good and improve my driving every time I go out with little to no mistakes. I want to feel good and confident while in control of the vehicle. I will…

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Ooops!! and OMG!! Isn't there a way to delete a blog I started?

I can't believe how lewd my previous discussion title sounded, until after I re-read it on the discussion list. I humbly apologize and ask you to let me explain: I have come up with a delicious chocolate recipe. It is so good, I felt the best target market would be women who can appreciate fine chocolate over the kind school kids sell.The chocolate is so good and even so experiential as to be even fun, it just made the most sense to me to look for a bored wealthy woman as an investor or license…

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I've got the goods, I'm looking for a a bored rich lady who wants to have fun with her $$$

I create food. In the kitchen, I feel like a magician with one goal: to take a bunch of ingredients put them together and make them delicious. Over the years, I've created many dishes and some are truly unique, delicious and marketable. As a matter of fact, I did have a small smoothie business in a seasonal resort town that enjoyed enough success to let me know to keep going. So, I did.  I wish for a licensing agreement for my unique chocolate and food recipes. The chocolates are awesome with…

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