Do you feel really happy when you garden?Calling all Gardeners, from flowers on a balcony to a farm size garden, this is a place for those who's gardens fill them with peace and joy.
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  • I love gardens, and I am glad to join this group.


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  • Where are all the gardener's, thought this post would be thriving lol.

    I'm no expert gardener, but I love to garden, I love planting flowers and let the garden evolve. When I garden I feel at peace within. When my mother was pregnant with me, she couldn't get enough of flowers, smelling them and enjoying them. When my kids were toddlers I let them pick flowers, from the garden, or I would pick them, happiness on their faces says it all.


  • And now I've made the move from a house in the woods to a house where a woman lived for years and years who LIVED to garden, apparently working daily from dawn to dusk. I am so honored and blessed and appreciative to be the recipient of her years of labor. I move into the house last November. Things were already pretty dormant. So, this spring has been (and continues to be) a really exciting journey of discovery. Daffodiles aplenty. Lilacs everywhere. Gorgeous saucer magnolia. Violets! Fruit trees in all parts of the garden. And now: wisteria and dogwood are starting to bloom, and the peonies have buds. SO FUN!! I've already added iris and lilies-of-the-valley and vinca and some herbs and impatiens and snapdragons, but I am holding back a bit this first year as I let the garden reveal itself to me.
  • hi everyone im new here i love my garden i am addicted to flowers i find all my worries are put on hold while im in the garden and when i do come in i can think more clearly about things and put things into perspective i am glad to join this group and im glad i found it looking forward to reading all your comments
    love yvonne xxx
  • I remember how wonderful it was to make that transition from an apartment window ledge to an ACTUAL GARDEN at my first house. Have fun, Caroline. It is great your place was so loved before you even moved in. A garden is a life-long project! Enjoy!
  • Hi!

    Just found this group. I recently moved into a house after apartment living for awhile and I can actually garden again. Summer was already about underway so I don't have the vegetable garden I would like, just a few things in pots, but I did add several flowers to the existing landscaping. The former owner had done a lovely landscaping job all along the back fence and I am adding some more color and butterfly and hummingbird attractors. I also put up bird feeder and a bird bath - there are lots of beautiful birds here - cardinals, bluejays, robins, mockingbirds, etc. I am looking forward to creating a mini-wildlife habitat back there - perhaps even do a small pond eventually.
  • I don't have a garden yet, I intend to start one
    the idea of having some veggies in my backyard, is wonderful
    no pesticides,
    love roses too! not to eat, lol, however there are some kinds people eat , even on donunts,
  • This is my first day on this PI forum. I love the variety here -- AND I sure do love to garden. I feel so connected. I love seeing my old friends cycle through the garden each year, and I love trying new things. I am especially fond of flowers (surprise!), and I just adore growing them, smelling them, and I get enormous satisfaction out of eating them and using them in food. My garden is all organic. I even work a bit with the elementals. I love everything about gardening. It is SOOO uplifting.
    Right now, my wisteria are just finished up. This year for the first time, I made wisteria fritters and served them at a Flower Brunch (all flowers and flower-flavored foods). They were a big hit. So fun!

    Beautiful Flower Vibrations Abound!
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Early heat wave in West

We just had the first heat wave of the year out here in NorCal. Thursday, May15 it was about 100*F, way hotter than normal this time of year.Today it's much better, should be about 80*F.My poor roses got all crunchy, but I got up early that day and watered them so the leaves are fine. Time to fertilize so they re-bloom, but I'll wait until it's a bit cooler. It can stress plants to fertilize them when it's too hot.I have most beds on a soaker hose, and the birds really like playing in the fine…

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