Sharing a Smile

What does a smile mean to you? Why don't we smile at the people passing through on our journey of life..our friends and family; strangers standing in line at the grocery store, the waitresses and waiters, the maids in the hall at the hotel, people at work, in the lunch room...if you are happy and you know it...share it!"kindness leads to happiness, you deserve to be happy" Smile For No Good Reason by Dr. Lee Jampolsky


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  • here's one from me just to add to this serotonine raising thread!

    among others - the smile i love the best is the one that comes from the "inner giggle" feeling... u know, like when we were kids and we were NOT allowed to smile and that made the whole thing even more funny... :o)

    so i like to carry that "inner giggle" around...
    which wells up often into can-help-but-smile situation...
    sooo nice!

  • Thank you, Bella! Keep Smiling :-)!!!

    Have a beautiful day!

  • You have a beautiful smile Brianne! Thank you for your beautiful comments.
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