"In everything give thanks"  (Bible)

It helps so much when we move through Life in the Energy of Gratitude.  We are so much easier to be around as well.  Let's develop Gratitude and Every Day Give Thanks.

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Every day give thanks

It's so easy to let small events go in our lives un-noticed. It's as though we take these for granted and then often, we do stop noticing them. Return to the habit of really observing how all of those little coincidences occur in your life and the little wonders that surround you... and say "Thank you". They are there for you to take notice of and to help you realize that every step you take is perfect. Daily, the perfect path is being rolled out for you to tread upon. Every day, give thanks.

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  • Ok........I am sorry if I am duplicating. I thought I was posting on the wall but maybe I sent my comment to the Group. I am new here so here it goes again.

    Hi everyone......I am new here and am so excited. I am grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones. I am grateful for being married to my husband and best friend for 23 years. I am grateful for my 5 children and 11 Grandchildren. I am grateful for my eyes that allow me to see all of Gods beauty every single day and my feet that allow me to walk and view all of the beauty. For my heart that lets me wake up every single day. I am grateful for everything the God and the Universe has provided for me thus far! Blessed and Grateful and for that I say....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  • I am so grateful that I exist on this planet Earth.

    I am grateful for undying love and support of Lord and Universe.

    I am grateful that I got this knowledge with which I can fulfill all of my dreams.

    I am so grateful that my body is perfect, health and filled with inexhaustible energy.

    I am grateful for this unconditional love that god has given me.

    I am so grateful that god has given me my best friend, my love who is always there with me and who has made my life beautiful with his presence.

    I am so grateful for my dream; marrying my best friend and have a happy, beautiful and blessed life with him with the consent of our parent's support and happiness.

    I am grateful to Mother Earth for supporting and feeding us.

    I am grateful to the Lord Sun whose light keeps us alive.

    I am grateful to Lord moon for his light and sustaining our existence.

    I am grateful to plants and tress for the food and oxygen that I breathe.

    I am so grateful to all the oceans, lakes and lagoons of the world for the water that keeps me alive.

    I am grateful to ozone layer which protect us.

    I am grateful to each and every person who has helped me, supported me, and brought happiness and smile to my life in some or other way.

  • i am grateful for my daughter, the love of my life my perfect partner, my beautiful home, the sun, moon, stars. all of the prosperity in my life and all of the love that i share with others. 

  • i am grateful for PI.

    * love * life * my 4bedroom home where i garden * my masters degree assisting me in my career as a sage, REIKI Master and psychologist * for my daughter * my wonderful twin flame/soul/lifemate * to travel the world * i am so blessed to be living a life full of pure love, adventure and prosperity.


  • Yes, it is precious Susan  : )
  • Gratitude always for life.

  • I am grateful for all the new friends I am meeting on- and off-line.

    I am grateful to be able to share the Joy of Life with other people.

    I am grateful for friends far across the seas...  that I can hold you in my heart so close  xxx

  • I am so grateful for my friend M that she has been given reprieve from the burden upon her at the moment. I am so glad that The Universe has given her the opportunity to re-gather and re-strengthen herself... before entering the fray once more in a much better frame of mind. Thank You.
  • I am grateful for the new friendships I am developing here on PI.
    I am grateful for the new things I have the opportunity to take on board.
    I am grateful for this roof over my head.
    I am grateful for the shoes on my feet.
    I am grateful for the comfy bed i'm going to fall into soon.
    I am grateful for the refreshing sleep that will come to me.
    I am grateful for food in my fridge and clothing in my wardrobe.
    I am grateful for friends.
    Thank You.
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Gratitude fruit

I want to share how we unlock the true power of gratitude that I learnt in Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith "The Answer is you".1) Be grateful for each and everything that you have received till now; in past and in present.2) Be grateful for the contrast because when we are in the contrasting situation; we become more determined to what we want and we develop strength and faith for fulfilling our dream.3)Be grateful for your existence on planet Earth.Sending my unconditional love and prayers to each…

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