write here every thing that you are gratuity for that!

by writing the things that you are gratuity for them,you can attract a lot of things in your life!just be gratuity for every thing that you have it right now and also be gratuity for every thing that you want to have but you don't get it yet.this place is a note book for you and you can every thing that is in your heart to be gratuity!thanksMary!

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  • I am thankful knowing that " The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what GOD is and by what he does for us."

    You are who you are for a reason.
    You're part of an intricate plan.
    You're precious and perfect unique design,
    Called GOD's special woman or man.

    You look like you look for a reason.
    Our GOD made no Mistake.
    He knit you together within the womb,
    You're just what what he wanted to make.

    The parents you had were the ones he chose,
    And no matter how you may feel,
    They were custom-designed with GOD's plan in mind,
    And they bear the Master's seal.

    Poem by Russell Kelfer

    Spiritual gifts





    I am grateful knowing that GOD when gives us an assignment, he always equips us with what we need to accomplish it. This is called SHAPE:
  • i myself am happy that i have two eyes to see this web and two hand for writing here!it is good for starting.i can help you to remember your powers and the thing that you can thanks God.
    God is always with us!so thanks my dear God!
    • it is good to create this site.
      i am happy that i have a beautiful blue Car(although i don't have it yet)and i hope to recieve it soon from the world....
      thanks the god
      and thanks Mary that always do grate work for this site!
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