Welcome to happy hearts!  This is the intention of this group to have happy, healed, whole, healthy hearts & it's especially for anyone who's dealing with a break up - REGARDLESS of whether you want them back, want someone new, want to forget about your ex or don't even KNOW WHAT you want!  Anyone else can join too. But at the moment & maybe permanently, it's invites only & approved people. 
It's a happy positive place, it's not a dumping ground.  I may do ONE dumping ground thread where can you can express the negative feelings - & i may move any sad posts there too - but my DO want is you DON'T do that then hit & run but that you actively take part & support others too in the powerful positive processes: Abraham Hicks processes, jokes to make us laugh, questions and processes to get to focus back on to YOU and share what you are doing to feel better during this situation.  And I intend to be a toughie too much negativity it gets deleted cos you DON'T want more of THAT let's focus on what we DO want here!  You MIGHT attract back your ex if you want to but this group is more about healing YOU though you ARE encouraged to focus on what you want here & there are law of attraction processes here to help you feel better & find the feeling place of getting them back or getting over them etc.  
I can't give you your ex on a silver platter! 
I KNOW how it feels to go through a break up to cry over someone to feel mad, guilty, sad, doubtful etc. over a break up & my intention is we help each other move up the emotional scale & feel better & better!!! And have FUN! 
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  • Sabrina, do love spells work?  No idea and it's quite a controversial subject, not black magik but certainly grey.  But I was thinking about this and I'd rather get you a decent link than have you pay money to a scam artist claiming to do spells, for example.  So, IF you want and IF I can find it, I do vaguely remember seeing a site for lots of spells that also had people review some of the spells, do you want me to see if I can find it for you?  This is controversial, but thinking about it, I'd rather point you to something free and with reviews than have you ripped off for example!  Assuming that you're gonna try it anyway!

  • do love spells work????

  • Ok...lost my ex for a second time...:(..... he wasn't sure what he wanted and if he could get over the fights we have before.....since he saw how bad it was hurting me he decided to let me go....now i feel i'm going through another break up....i want him back so bad but i'm so drained I don't wanna work at putting energy towards it.....;(.....what to do????

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Here's a forum too for exes back and maybe specific people: Veronica Isles

She also includes a 25 day challenge!Anyway seems quite positive and seems to work for some.Hugs:http://veronicaloa.boardhost.com/viewforum.php?id=14This video is JUST about getting a text from a specific person but I really love the message at the beginning about how saying all the reasons you worry it WON'T work are well basically giving energy to THAT and don't say "Oh my situation is different so it won't work" and you "want to set GOOD core beliefs and you're trying to have a GOOD…

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A youtube channel WELL worth a lot. A LOT of ex back, specific person stuff

www.youtube.com agnes vivarelliThis link should work well, but if it doesn't please let me know.  I'll put a couple of videos in this but she has a LOT.  Mostly on this subject, but on other things too.  Quite Neville Goddard based, but also some of her own techniques.  See for yourself what you think.This is quite a short one so I'm going to share this:I want to share more cos she has tons, check out the rubbing out method and the whispering methods!  And on other things too.  But check it out…

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ZH's Ex back steps (can be used for a new love too known/not she says) From Evelynn's post

Shared with permission.These are ZH's tips from: http://www.powerfulintentions.org/forum/topics/it-works-ex-back-progress-do-this-now?xg_source=activity&id=1335877%3ATopic%3A4773878&page=1#comments"Like I say, Bada Bing Bada Boom ;)Remember the steps though and whoever needs them can try too:1- Chakra Cleansing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1xwtA6C2DQ (I personally like this)2- Guided Meditations for those trying to get their lover or ex…

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Hypnosis for getting over them (for those who want that) & one for attracting new love..here

Most people on here came with the intention to get an ex back - and two to three of you that I know of already have! - anyway, some of you want to get over an ex and I made this group for both sets of intentions, like I said.  I found these hypnosis & subliminal tracks on youtube so they are free too ;-) on getting over a relationship and I found one on attracting a new love, soulmate etc.  The person who has made the new love one says to focus on one subject at a time so I think maybe use the…

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