These are the affirmations used:

You love yourself

You like yourself

You appreciate yourself

You respect yourself

You support yourself

You take care of yourself

You are always learning

You are always getting better

every day in every way You get better and better

You forgive yourself

You allow yourself to make mistakes

You learn from your mistakes

You accept your past

You release your past

You allow yourself to learn from your past

You appreciate your past

You appreciate your present

You appreciate your future

You forgive your past

You forgive others

You embrace your past

You embrace yourself

You embrace your future

You share love with yourself

You share love with others

You are comfortable alone

You are comfortable with others

You are OK

You are always OK

You will always be OK

You can handle any situation

You can learn anything

You will get through

You will continue

You will endure

You will succeed

You will triumph

You will win

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