You have almost definitely seen Superman's getting an ex back post anyway but just in case this something you want and you haven't seen it, here's the link:

Do I agree with everything he says? No.  But the techniques might be worth a shot if this is something you'd like.

Also, I saw this recently, but I have no idea if it works.


  • Is there a relationship in your life you wish could be healed?
  • Do you kick yourself about something you should have said to someone, to make your relationship good?
  • Do you find yourself wishing you had someone back in your life again?
  • Would you like to discover a new way to heal any relationship?

We are only human and sometimes your behaviours and actions drive others out of your life, only for you to regret them leaving.

Maybe you wish to get your ex partner back, or mend a relationship with a friend, or even make a stronger connection with your boss.

This guided meditation is unique in that it will give you a special technique for you to be able to heal any relationship in your life.."


it might be a pile of crap I DON'T KNOW.

But I wanted to bring it to your attention.  Some of their meditations have good reviews.  Anyway, there is it.  Some things to try if you wish to.  

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  • My pleasure!  

  • Thank you so much!!!!!!! I have been looking for this post and have been asking around! Thanks a lot.. You are a darling :)

  • Superman is not on PI now but he can be found and his post here:

    Plus other ones by him are on that forum so I thought I'd update this, for anyone here who found what he said helpful and who wanted to reconnect with him. 

    There is no "Free Will", there is only Faith - Get your ex back!
    There is no "Free Will", there is only Faith - Get your ex back!
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