Most people on here came with the intention to get an ex back - and two to three of you that I know of already have! - anyway, some of you want to get over an ex and I made this group for both sets of intentions, like I said.  I found these hypnosis & subliminal tracks on youtube so they are free too ;-) on getting over a relationship and I found one on attracting a new love, soulmate etc.  The person who has made the new love one says to focus on one subject at a time so I think maybe use the healing ones to heal your heart then the new love one but it is entirely up to you.  Again, most people here want an ex back so this is more for those who don't who want to move on, get over an ex.  I aim to have content here for both :-)  You may also think you want to heal some of the bad parts with an ex, to feel less...triggered? by that and THEN focus on attracting them back.  Experiment with these if you wish :-)

Forget them now, Bad relationship memory eraser (it's real long, it's about an hour and a half so it's better to go to sleep to)

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