For a whole year so far since I broke up with someone from a short relationship, I've been seeing things related to him, or hearing his first name. Sometimes it is his second name. Times I liked him, times I thought he was a jerk and I DIDN'T want him back.  Times I had thought about him, times I was thinking about something or even someONE else.   I do type them out. I stopped doing that for a while but the "signs" or "synchronicities" kept coming regardless so I now type them again. (FYI we DID nearly get back together in July it seemed VERY close to the point that I asked him out somewhere, he said yes & I think he referred to me as his girlfriend to two other girls and he could barely take his eyes off me. But then it all disappated and he ignored a comment I left him and asked someone else if she wanted to go to some meetups with him :-(    ) but it's not important, this is NOT about that, I don't know what will happen with me and him and it's not about THAT but about seeing signs about someone.) And I felt a sad pang of emotional pain in my heart or my solar plexus when I typed about what happened re the comment & the girl, but I used these dealing with signs things and I feel better than I did already!  More neutral. 

I've heard five main theories:
(1) You get these signs because the person is on your mind so you are more aware of things related to them but that's ALL it means.
(2) You get these signs because it is a message that you ARE meant to be in their lives in some way. And or to learn something from them. 
(3) You get these signs because the two of you are meant to be together and it is a great big HINT, like an arrow, saying GO THIS WAY.
(4) You get these signs because you WANT to be with that person and getting these signs means you ARE attracting that and if you focus positively you WILL attract them back, but if you let your resistance and fear get in the way, you will push them away.
(5) You get those signs because that person is thinking about you.

Which are true? Don't know, and that is not what I want to focus on now. 
What I want to share is how to DEAL with it in a positive, empowering, yet kinda neutral way.
The other day I was chatting to someone & we came up with these ideas on things to say & focus on when the signs come.
And already I feel a real peace & shift in my energy when I do so. 
They could be used to when I/you feel a negative thought about that person, or even a positive thought about them. IF you WANT to.
So, without further ado:
This is what we came up with to do when I see a sign.

you could blow them a kiss in your head, give them an energetic hug or send them good wishes ;)
When I see those things I will send him love
energetic hug good wishes ha ha maybe blow a kiss & say
all is well and I am in the flow
Or I could say "I am always in the flow"
I remember now I said I will say a general
affirmation when I see them!
Like All is well
or and i am always in the flow
and I could add...there is an abundance of love in my life!
and I am powerful
If I/you want to I affirm him or someone even better.
But lately I'm just being general & doing the other things I have just mentioned. 
I really wanted to share this with anyone going through this! 
And we ARE powerful.
There is a part of us creating these signs, even if we don't yet know why. And we ARE in the be seeing them, I think.A few days later, I also thought, when I see these signs or maybe I could just call them reminders? I also think of something I appreciate e.g. about my day. One thing for each sign/reminder I see or hear.
What do you think?
Helpful maybe?

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  • My NEW version:

    I am a beautiful sexy slim lucky rich
    multi-talented young happy powerful dream-man magnet & I always get what I want!
  • Thanks, Palak!
    Some of it was Goldleaf's idea like sending love & some mine - collaboration!
  • aww. i forgot to add. 

    your idea of sending love back in mind to these signals is great. M gonna do it. :) I thinks its best way to deal with them. :) :)

  • Hello Athena,

    I was looking for how to deal with the signs or signals m getting. Actually, one day i was hell busy with my family and was not thinking about him at all. But still i was getting a lot of signals related to him. So, i am not in favor of the first theory. And when i noticed that i was getting signals related to him. I smiled and thought its a good sign. But at the end of that day, i got the news that he got married. So, the third theory also went wrong for me. :)

    But as i have accepted the reality and trying to move on. Don't know why m i getting these signals again. May be nature is trying to tell me something. Or may be its a part of moving on. Don't know. :)
    But m positive now, whatever will happen, will happen for my goodness. :) Time will clarify my doubts regarding these signals. :)

    -from (not fully Healed ;) ) but Happy Heart. <3 :) 

  • I keep adding to it!
    Last bit: I decided to add:
    "I am in a happy, fun, romantic relationship with a man of my dreams."

    (My guy IS a man of my dreams but I am leaving it open to him OR a new man of my dreams.)
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