Shared with permission.

These are ZH's tips from:

"Like I say, Bada Bing Bada Boom ;)

Remember the steps though and whoever needs them can try too:

1- Chakra Cleansing: (I personally like this)

2- Guided Meditations for those trying to get their lover or ex lovers: 




3- Aura Programming (for love it's best to use the color red but you may use which ever you like, visualize and say this out loud (well not too loud) for 15 mins (this is re-wiring your brain):

"I am programming aura to attract and act on (his name) he finds me very attractive and irresistible. He comes to me. He comes to me now"

Visualize with your aura beaming with the binaural ( what your are saying and  see him come to you. 

These are tried and tested ways. I've had so many people message me telling me that they did the exact same stuff and achieved results. So more power and love to all you beautiful romantics. :)

Lots of love,

ZH x "

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