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  • I just interviewed Joe Vitale last month and I had such a good time. What a wonderful man. He is so very generous with his information. A true blessing to the world!
  • What a wonderful day. I am tickled to my cells with the joy and opportunity the day brings.

    Love is contagious,
  • It seems if we do not surround ourselves with people who adopt similar positive constructs, then we would be at a great disadvantage in seeing our own good intentions come to fruition, right ?
  • Let's counteract all the fear out there over the financial crisis (or is it real?).
    From David Hawkins: "People think that they are ruled by their unruly minds and they are the victim of circumstances. All this sums up is how a person feels from moment to moment. The prevailing view is that there are no options to one's current state of mind and feeling tone or emotions. This succumging to "it" (the mind) and "out there" (the world) is accepted as natural and normal. Few people suspect that they would be another option. One is not really ruled by the mind at all. What the mind reveals is an endless stream of options, all diguised as memories, fantasies, fears, concepts, etc. To get free of domination by the mind, it is only necessary to realize that is parage of subjects is merely an arbitrary cafeteria of selections winding their way across the screen of the mind."

    May we all live in abundance, today and always.
  • According to Zig Ziglar . . .
    Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the "gotta have it" scale. Checks in the mail is now being replaced with, "automatic deposits" to bank accounts. I am so happy and grateful that large sums of money are directly deposited to my business checking account!!
  • Hi everybody,

    How many of you have ever experienced results directly related to visualizing at an Anthony Robbins event? Wouldn't it be great if we could combine our mental, emotional but most of all spiritual powers and create magic by Mass Manifestation?

    14-16 Nov. 2008: Mass Manifestation in London @ Next Step
    THE SECRET: Join Mass Manifestation in Londen, 14-16 Nov. 2008!
    The Secret in ACTION! 14-16 Nov. '08: One of the Biggest Mass Manifestations at Anthony Robbins Inspired: Next Step Event in London and we need your…
  • Hello all!

    I saw Joe Vitale's wonderful face and I had to explore it further. I have learned more about writing and marketing from Joe Vitale than from probably anyone else.

    His appearance in The Secret made it possible.

    Fantastic Abundance to This Entire Group!


    Jared James

    Reveal and Heal The Hidden Roadblocks to Your Ideal Life at
  • Well, I made my list of what I am having from here on out. I agree with what someone said, it's so freeing to write these things down. Thank you, I'll return with a testimony next week.
  • Thank you. I do it everyday, but i never write it down. I will do it right now. I am sure it will be even powerful. Thank you
  • Hi everyone, I just joined the group after reading some of the posts and I am really excited and looking forward to participating.

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3 Manifesting Techniques That Increase Mental Focus

One of the most powerful techniques for manifesting what we want is the ability to increase mental focus upon the target of your desires. Mental focus can be easy when you know how to create and built it. However lack of focus is the key reason most people fail to manifest their desires.There is the passive of the awakened mind. This sort of focus requires that you keep your mind on your goals every day and all during the day so that your manifesting energy does not get wasted. In addition to…

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No Power without Gratitude

I wanted to share a discussion on Gratitude, why is it so central to the LAO ?First, you believe that there is one intelligent substance, from which all things proceed.Second, you believe that this substance gives you everything you desire.And third, you relate yourself to it by a feeling of deep and profound GRATITUDE.And the reason simply is that the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come.The law of gratitude is the natural…

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John Assaraf on Law of Attraction Talk Radio tomorrow night!

Are we getting plugged in yet? Of course we are and that is what's going to make our manifestations so magnificent in 2009.On Law of Attraction Talk Radio tomorrow night, we have John Assaraf sharing how he turned his life around from being a trouble youth (ON HIS OWN) and moved forward by getting his real estate license. He then (at a very early age) made REMAX Reality into the Mult-Million dollar company it is and started 3 other multi-million dollar companies.How did he do it? If you guessed…

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