Share the music that aligns you with your Powerful Intentions. Discover new tracks for connecting to yourself and with each other. Share your healing sounds with the PI community : ) ~~ Be happy!! ~~
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  • I recently finished a six minute video that has all seven chakra sounds playing one after the other on crystal bowls to tune and tone emotionally and physically with sound therapy while I read an Empowering script for assisting people to consciously create their own reality and the imagery is healing and has words that invoke love and happiness. It's here: Enjoy!
  • I a divine Pleasure to join this Group and please enjoy my music


  • This is something I created that I composed live using computer keyboards, spoken words of healing and empowerment, and also I used a voice synthesizer. I thought about how I would do this in life hands on healing sessions and how would it translate to a person listening to the recording, but I was not there physically. 


    So I wanted the sounds and frequencies and tones to help and hold the person beautifully while the empowering words that are consciously spoken easily programmed into the body system. Enjoy. My pleasure to share this here:



    With Peace, Joy, Love, and Pleasure.

  • Ever since listening to Brain Sync Slim Naturally etc. by Kelly Howell, my ears have become so sensitive they are painful from someone even raising their voice! I can hear things down the hallway from where I am sitting. Has anyone else had this experience after being in the Theta state for an hour or so? I listen really hard to hear words; all I get are whispers, but I'm noticing vibrations even more as well.
  • Has anyone heard of iso-tones? I really like them. They have helped me through many trials. Peace and light! (here is a website a healer gave me they are free to download
    Free isochronic tones , brainwave entrainment knowledge base and community
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  • awesome thank you
  • Democratic shaping of the site - a great decision!

    Blessings and Happy Trails,
  • Salut Diamond!

    seems to be only two Music-Groups here... but both are great!

    Will come back to check out more of your beautiful sounds and videos...

    Love & Light 4 your Day!

  • thanks for this wonderful page & forum~~
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not songs so much for improved cognition, but frequencies

I always loved the rain on a rooftop, not so much the lightening, but definitely rain and rolling thunder. Sometimes the pings and pangs from little or huge droplets would evoke the most comfortable feelings offering safety and solace at the same time. As a little girl, I tried to harness eternally what that feeling felt like by catching raindrops in glass bottles or having them fall into a tin pie plate just to hear the 'ping and pang' it made when hitting a solid object. What is so neat now…

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A Timeless Classic

I never get tired of this song, "Age of Aquarius: Let the Sunshine In" by The 5th Dimension. It is as modern today as it was many years ago. The song is number 1 on my playlist and here is a cool video. Enjoy.Namaste,Krystara07 - Aquarius-Let the Sunshine In.mp3

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