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Welcome to Healing Hearts!

There are many of us with friends, family and self in need of prayer and healing energies. They are scattered throughout the groups and forums, and it is pure chance that we may see their requests for help and give it.

Their are SO MANY "Healing Hearts" among us, also, that it seemed right to find a way to bring them together in one place!

Use this as a place to enter your healing requests for all to find, that we may add our Healing Hearts to your need.

Note for requests: It may work better in this format if requests are placed under the corresponding Discussion topic. If there is not one that applies--create a new one! Every request has a home, here!

For those offering healing and prayers: Please let people know when you are doing this for them, it is crucial in the healing process! When you are aware of the support you are getting, the vibrations increase, which aids in healing.

Lynn McTaggart is at the forefront of those investigating the true power of our minds to affect reality. In her book, "The Intention Experiment", she uncovers numerous studies that show, beyond doubt, that through thought, meditation or prayer, we can influence physical outcomes. This is an interview with her that is a fascinating listen. I recommend it, highly!!


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  • I need healing and advise. I (24F) met someone (29M) online right before New Year's Eve 2018. We hit it off right away, and a week later we met in real life. We live in the same town and could bond over many of the same experiences and interests, and I began to feel my attachment to him grow right away. The first three weeks (including the week we texted before actually meeting) were amazing. I saw him several times a week, and he made me feel so great...blah blah blah, cue all the cliches. A few weeks after we met, I began to notice we'd text less and less frequently (we'd been talking nearly all day in the previous weeks). It would take him sometimes up to three hours to respond to my texts and his responses were short and he seemed overall uninterested in talking. Now, I knew not to expect the paragraph responses I'd grown accustomed to in the beginning, but I could tell something wasn't quite right. From then on, until the end of February, he grew increasingly distant. Sometimes I'd only see him for a couple hours on a Saturday night and barely heard from him through the week. It was like he just completely checked out. On February 28th I received a text from him. He apologized for being so distant and told me I did nothing wrong, that he was going through a lot and in a very bad mindset right now and needed to work on his mental health before he could even consider a relationship.

    This text really didn't come as a surprise to me. I knew that earlier in 2018 his ex-girlfriend had broken up with him and basically left him with nothing because she kicked him out of their house and kept his belongings. I knew he struggled with severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, which was made worse by family issues and having trouble finding a job. None of this mattered to me, as I accepted him as he was. I knew he was a very closed off person and struggled to be vulnerable with me because of trust issues from his previous relationship. As far as attachment styles go, I am polar opposite. I tend to fall under the "anxious" type of attachment and find I constantly need reassurance from a partner. I don't struggle with vulnerability in the same way. I tend to "throw everything" at a potential partner very prematurely in the hope of establishing a connection with them. I wanted him to be able to open up to me so badly while we were together, though I know I probably pushed the issue too far at times.

    Anyway, I spoke with him on the phone after he sent the text to break up with me. I asked him if he thought there could ever be a chance for us to get back together and his response was "I don't know, maybe". He told me he wouldn't ghost me and he didn't. Two days later he texted me, and we texted back and forth every day. Until today. I have not been initiating our conversations every day like I did when we were together. In that time, I've had a very difficult time understanding his intentions. He still jokes around with me and teases me about little things like my driving habits. At one point I changed my Facebook profile picture and he texted me to tell me I looked pretty in it. He's mentioned in passing the possibility of hanging out in the future, but it is very brief. Like "hey we'll have to do [whatever activity] together someday". I feel like we've actually been talking more SINCE we broke up. For the most part, he seems to take a more active role with texting than he used to. He texts back sooner too. We've began to speak on the phone more often in the past few weeks than we did in the beginning of the breakup, though I feel like he doesn't ask to talk as much as he did a couple weeks ago.

    Because I've initiated our conversation during the past two days, today I thought it would be a good idea to let him contact me instead. He didn't. From Facebook I can see that he's been online. I thought he would text me. I tend to overthink things to a disastrous degree. Even minor things send my paranoia skyrocketing, like the fact that his Facebook friend count recently increased by a few people. I am SO paranoid that he's talking to another girl (from work or otherwise) and will start dating someone soon. I just don't know how to read him. I know he will contact me if he truly wants to talk to me and if not then it isn't worth my time. I just don't know how to do this anymore. I knew I was in love with him on our second date and I am terrified of seeing him with someone else. Last year I got out of a four-year long relationship and it was just sad. It was a cakewalk compared to this. I am so unbelievably heartbroken right now and just want him back in my life 100%. I don't know what I'm hoping to gain by posting this. Support, maybe. It's so hard not to hold out hope that we'll get back together someday. I know it'll work out if it's meant to be, even if he does end up dating someone else. I don't bring this up with him because I don't want him to see how crazy I really am. I don't want to push him to discuss the status of our relationship and seem clingy or drive him away. While speaking on the phone one night three weeks or so ago, he mentioned that he is very sensitive to negative energy given off by other people and can "read" people very well. I asked him to describe my energy and he told me: "I know you're still confused and hurt over what happened [the breakup]...I know you write in your journal all the time" [I mentioned this is one of my coping mechanisms]. I am pretty certain he knows I still have feelings for him but I've never admitted it outright.

    Most recently he has begun working at a clothing store in our town and many of his coworkers are girls around his age. From the sound of it, these women are very insecure and sexual harassment is rampant in the workplace. He tells me that they basically throw themselves at him on a daily basis and that he isn't interested because he's "working on himself" right now and isn't into casual sex. Yesterday I went to drop off some donations to the store where he works (he suggested I do so since he knew I had the donations to bring) and we chatted while he helped me with the donation. I made sure to pay more attention to his nonverbal cues. He teases me jokingly, makes a lot of eye contact, didn't seem to mind getting close to me to talk about certain things he didn't want his coworkers to overhear, and seemed like he wanted to stick around to talk rather than hurry up with the donation.

    I know I'm just reading into things wayyyyyy too far, but I'm so confused by his mixed signals. The past couple days I haven't gotten the best vibe from him while texting or talking on the phone so I decided to step back and let him contact me if he so chooses. I haven't heard from him all day and doubt I will.

    My biggest concerns/questions to summarize this massive post:

    1. Why is he so hot and cold? Why did he seem so warm and flirty in person and then distant on the phone 6 hours later?
    2. Am I being overbearing for insisting on daily communication? We never actually agreed to talk every day, it just sort of happened and now I expect it.
    3. Will he forget about me or resent me if I continue No Contact to give him space?
    4. Does it sound like he just wants to be friends or is weighing whether he might want something more someday?

    I know none of you can possibly begin to understand what's going on in his head, especially if I can't. But maybe you can tell me if it sounds like I'M the insecure/unstable one here. I'm just heartbroken because he hasn't contacted me today. I don't think he's inherently mean and just messing with my head for fun. I think he's got a lot going on in his life right now with a new job, precarious living situation, and past baggage, and may simply require a mental break from the craziness that is, well, me. I'm just terrified he is withdrawing from me because he met someone else and is talking to that person instead.
  • Hey guys 

    My father had a massive heart attack and a subarachnoid heamoraghe. He was in coma for the past 3 months . The doctors clearly told me and my fly members that he would not be able to survive it and even if he did he would be In a vegetative state . Deep down my heart I knew this was not my father's fate and he will make it

     He arose from his coma after 3 months and he is even able to communicate . The road for recovery is still long as he paralysed neck down completely bedridden . My heart ache to see my father who is a full of life person in this condition. I know his recovery may seem long but is evident . Requesting who ever reads trough my comment to take a moment and pray for his speedy and full recovery . Thank you 

  • Thank you for accepting me :) I really need healing, i have always been very healthy but recently i have had pains constantly day and night along with other symptoms, my energy levels have been zero. Please can someone send healing i would be so grateful to you. love and best wishes.

  • requesting healing energy to my right thumb, a little infection from a hangnail
    it hurts to bend it now
  • May the Magic of the Holidays be yours today and all throughout 2009

  • Hi Everyone,

    Since I wasn't able to send this through my back office, thought this forum would be the best place for it - since it's all about gratitude!

    In my part of the world it is finally feeling like fall - interesting how in just a few days weather can shift so fast, actually this year feels like it's time warped a bit faster than usual - which is really kind of interesting in relationship to how fast our thoughts can travel towards manifesting things in this dimension! :)

    While I am daily thankful for the many things life continues to offer, in Thanksgiving tradition, am visualizing all of you gathered round my feast-filled table in gratitude for the many blessings that surround us all; no matter the appearance of things.

    Am thankful for online friends like you, who make the world a more heartfelt, endearing place to co-create in.

    Am thankful for a virtual community that allows each of us to pop in and interact with one another, through this hub called Powerful Intentions!

    Am thankful for the sun shining here today, am thankful for my health and present day mindset that's filled with unwavering hope and faith in things unseen - where the magic lies!

    Am thankful for the love and gratitude universally sprinkled throughout my lifetime, as a gift to remember how LOVE is still and forever more will be the greatest POWER to tap into.

    May your Holiday Season be exactly as you desire it to be! Hugs and Kisses from my house to yours,

    Valerie and Family

  • Hey, gl!
    I asked the angels to create a pathway of light between Lana and her beautiful companion, Cheeto, which they are very happy to do! I have also asked the Spirit of the Cat to instruct Cheeto to follow the Light home. This should make it easier for them to find each other!!

    Blessings to all!
  • Please help, my niece's beautiful . big , yellow cat "Cheeto" has gone missing. She is heartbroken. Her name is Lana. Please help Cheeto find his way home to her .
    Thankyou so very much for any energy you can send to this situation.
  • Thank YOU, Wheelz!!

  • NICE PLACE mmmmm :)

    thank you sim

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Need your prayers

Hey guysMy father had a massive heart attack and a subarachnoid heamoraghe. He was in coma for the past 3 months . The doctors clearly told me and my fly members that he would not be able to survive it and even if he did he would be In a vegetative state . Deep down my heart I knew this was not my father's fate and he will make itHe arose from his coma after 3 months and he is even able to communicate . The road for recovery is still long as he paralysed neck down completely bedridden . My…

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When a need exists, the Universe answers!

We all know this to be true. Whether it is an individual need, like healing our bodies and spirit, or one on a larger scale--like helping humanity cope with and embrace the spiritual evolution now upon us--solutions appear. Sometimes the Universe answers through other people, or by using tools such as the internet to point us to the right place, or--in some cases--by creating a new and better way than has existed before. Necessity is the mother of invention--and the Universe is the Mother of…

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The Miracle of Divine Light healing continues!

A few weeks ago, I introduced a new healing miracle--Divine Light. Since that time, I have had many more remarkable successes--many of them immediately noticeable. This method of healing places Divine Light where it is needed to effect healing or balance (as with your chakra system)--internally or externally. Similar to other energy healing techniques--like Reiki (which I began with), accupuncture and Reflexology--which are all valid and wonderful in providing their own special brand of…

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