The Miracle of Divine Light healing continues!

A few weeks ago, I introduced a new healing miracle--Divine Light. Since that time, I have had many more remarkable successes--many of them immediately noticeable. This method of healing places Divine Light where it is needed to effect healing or balance (as with your chakra system)--internally or externally. Similar to other energy healing techniques--like Reiki (which I began with), accupuncture and Reflexology--which are all valid and wonderful in providing their own special brand of healing, Divine Light healing also is based on light energy--the Divine Light of God/Source/the Universe, whatever resonates with you. The difference here is that Divine Light healing uses specific colors of light to address each specific light imbalance in your body, making it a powerful healing method for many things. In my practice, I have only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible, including past-life healings of light disruptions that have carried through to the current experience.In this modality, light is sent directly to the place it is needed by the practitioner, after a scan to determine the source of the symptoms. Like the source of a migraine may actually be in the lower spine or root chakra, not in the head, which is why medications may not help. This is done by calling in the color needed and mentally placing the light, then calling in spirit to anchor the light in that location until healing is completed.Sensation may range from cool or warmth, mild sensing of energy flow, pressure, tightness, relaxation, and sometimes the immediate relief from symptoms, like cramps or back pain. Following is some client feedback following their healing sessions:This came from a client in another state with a wound that had remained unhealed for months:Hi Chris...[during treatment, this client reported feeling cool energy on the wound which relieved the intense itching she had been experiencing just before our healing call.]Yesterday following our visit, the shoulder felt as if it had been was taught all around the wound area, and there was a slight pain. No itching from then until now so that's a good sign.This morning I feel like I had "something" happen...tired, sore, feels like a new layer of skin has overlaid the area and it is stiff. Some slight soreness , but that's it so far.This was from a client in Australia--distance healing works perfectly with this modality:My right hip is feeling a lot freer - thank you so much for your loving and powerful healing. Because the healing took place in my hip joint, it is difficult to appreciate the full extent of the healing. But it was certainly a powerful process and the fact that my hip feels less locked up is wonderful! ...Just towards the end of the session, I really felt a whoosh of energy coming through. Since then, I have felt the energy moving in my hip area as if it is no longer blocked.With my heartfelt thanks and loveAnother client was having severe bone pain that had remained a mystery to his doctors. I sent him healing for his especially painful hip, and in minutes received a text message that the pain was gone! I then scanned the rest of his bones and healed all of his pain--this is a very happy man!Yet another client has had a history of lower back pain. She told me after a session that the pain vanished immediately after I had set the light in her back, and she could function freely again!Another client with a liver problem told me that it felt like there was a hand gently squeezing his liver while I was placing the light there.Divine Light healing is truly a miracle, but does have its own limitations. It can't be used for emergency treatments, and is bound--like all other healing--by the Highest Good of the client. Some issues are not meant to be healed for many reasons. These can include:~there is an emotional issue or blockage associated with the symptom or disease that needs to be recognized and released before healing can take place.~it is not yet time for the healing to take place, based on things either the client or the people around them need to learn from the experience~it may be part of the client's path to endure this symptom or issue.When I scan your light-body, I will tell you when I find resistance to healing, and do my best to receive the reason for you.If you would like to experience this for yourself, or obtain more information about the treatment process, please send me a message through this site with a way to contact you--either by phone, email or skype. My Skype name is lumin8r, if you want to message me there.

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