Hempworx - People always ask me about which companies are the best because I work as a consultant with some of the biggest publicly traded companies in the hemp and medical marijuana industry. I know these guys and their CBD oil. I have always felt their CBD oil is the best on the market.

Unfortunately, many of the companies rushing to market now are sourcing low-quality hemp with very low CBD levels. Most don’t even share their test results.


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My Vegan, Organic Manifestation!

This has been my intention for more than two years now and I wanted to share. It's all coming together! I've wanted a vegan, organic network marketing company that would support me in feeding the homeless and provide leads and a web site without a charge to distributors. I consulted with two big companies. Although both donated food to my non profit, neither had a system or if they did, they charged for it; and neither would spend the extra pennies (ok, maybe quarters) needed to make their…

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Whoa! I lost 17 pounds this month doing practically nothing!

Wow! I just had to share this amazing thing going on with me!After the birth of my son, I added on weight and had a hard time getting it off -- until I started to consciously create & manifest my weight goal!I was 148 just the middle of October, I am now 131 -- and still getting smaller! My first goal was 130 and I'll hit that within a day or two now. I find that working in small goals doesn't make it so unrealistic or overwhelming.. =)Weight simply melts off of you when you REALLY go after…

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Chris Tinney's Tour Update! Meet Me about MyO3World by Forever Green!

What an incredible time I'm having. Someone crashed into the Forever Green RV andbecause of the custom wrap it's gonna take 5 weeks to repair. So we've decided to each get our own trucks and trailers and coninue the tour while its in the shop. When it's done we'll still bring it in for Community Stands and Main Events. This gives us the ability to split up and cover more area between main events. This ROCKS! Here's pictures of my new truck and trailer. I pick it up and do the walk throughon…

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