Introductions - Please Introduce Yourself

Please jump in anintrduce yourself. What kind of home based business do you have or considering starting? How long have you bee working from home? Wha do you appreciate most about your business! Namaste, Chris

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  • Hello!!!

    I have started a new home based business - M.Network, with health supplements that  "Hydrate with Purpose".

    My website is:

    Thank you for checking it out...and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

  • Hello, my name is Tammy and I am a 42 year old female living in Los Angeles. While watching The Secret I was told to start my business again. I am purchasing my kit at the end of the month,, and I really have a good feeling this time. I sale romantic products designed for women.

  • Well, I don't have a business up and running as yet, so you aren't going to get a blatent ad from me :)

    I used to own a vegan, natural skin care business and it was quite successful for over 3 years.  The problem was my heart wasn't really in it and when it got too successful, I found I just didn't have the interest or passion to keep going so I closed it.

    Now I'm studying counselling, reiki and flower essence therapy.  I will be doing life coaching and EFT soon.  I've also been doing dream interpretation for over 20 years, so I'll be wrapping it all up into some kind of business in the next year or two and definitely working from home if I can.


    I have a unique digital virtual bookstore. I am the author of many of the books written for starting a homebusiness, I have an adult daughter with two lovely granddaughters, and Im there to asssit them at home, I had need for a great retirement business that I could work from home and be there to provide at home care for my two granddaughters at the same time. I just recently acquired my home base business. Its a great opportunity that requires 1-5 hours of my time per week however the benefit is I get to work in my pj's,dont burn gas(staying green) and I receive full time paychecks for my efforts. The CD-ROMS and ebooks can easily ordered online or through the mail. My busines is international and easy to assess any where on the planet. I enjoy being of assistance to others, and often help friends and family in need of the best software product to assist their needs for their business. I sell a diverse means of software anywhere from beginning an business on "EBAY" to Using Your voice for voice overs. There are many selfhelp titles available. each month there are new titles added.Ive recently started adding subliminals also to generate greater success levels to people as we all well know that success of any business is the person that have stride for success.

    Yes, as a beleiver in the "LOA" striding downstream is the best way for anything to come in to harmony with your desires. I tried other countless efforts prior to this homebusiness and it was the fact that I was trying two hard to be a success when success was standing me in the face. Ive always enjoyed being a bookish person and this has always been a great ninch for me. It surely came to me once I decided that it was a no brainer for all my writings and experience from past ventures to pay off with the right tweeking. Ive enjoy social networking and using the computer and have always been quite comfortable with both. However, having a computer to obtain great success in my business, is not required.Training for distributors is available.

    Once a month I do seminars and speak with people interested in opening up their own home base business and the medium of how to take the correct steps to insure success. Im that person that does the holding of the hand to help them getting started and answer many questions and direct them to their field of interests. Its a sheer joy to see people grow and find their ninches as I have found mine.

    Peace n Joyful Blessings 2U

  • Hiya all,

    I've recently come back to my on-line business which I bought a couple of years ago. I am looking for ways to make my business successful. My website is for people who are interested in digital photography or anyone who would like to learn how to make money from any photographs they may have on their computer.

    I'm looking for someone to help me write an email marketing campaign and would love to hear from anyone who has a gift for this. If you are interested, please leave a message on page or add me as a friend and private message me.

    If you would like to take a look at my website the address is:

    Any help or advice anyone can offer will be gratefully received and appreciated.

  • Hello,

    My name is Teri Russell AKA TRKilbourne. I have and interest in Graphic Design and love to create marketing pieces such as websites, postcards, business cards, etc. I started out making jewelry, but would rather design and make music. I am just starting out and here are my websites below: Feel free to send me comments. What I appreciate most about my business is that it is creative, artistic, fund, allows me to meet new people, cares for micro-businesses, and allows me to work from home.
  • Hello!

    My name is Tina Vanderbyl, owner of Manifesting Your Dream Life. I have been a Law of Attraction fanatic ever since I was introduced to The Secret, and my desire to learn more about the subject rapidly escalated from that point on. It was through LOA networking that I discovered the home-based business that I had in my mind to attract. Thank you Universe, for my life hasn't been the same since!

    My home-based business revolves around the principles of the Law of Attraction. I work with an extraordinary Personal Development company that has created a series of life transforming Law of Attraction products. The company offers: world-class personal and prosperity development training that will inspire you to change your life; and a brilliant compensation plan that will enable you to change your lifestyle! Best of all, this company is a top-tier, direct selling, home-based business that has earned itself a 5 star rating!

    If you are looking for a genuine opportunity to change your life and the lives of others in an industry you can believe in, please let me know how I may assist you in that process. I am always seeking like-minded and driven individuals who wish to attain personal and financial success while helping others to achieve theirs.

    Smiles and Shine,

  • I had been working from home for a few months and it was much more difficult than I expected. I put on lots of weight and found it so hard to motivate.

    Now I am in an office more but need help attracting clients when so many people are sayintg that the business is not gonna work in the recession.

    I'll show em!

  • Hi All,
    I greet each day with gratitude, for finding the home business that brings me so much pleasure.

    Like a few others, I too have a home business that is specifically positioned in the Personal Development Industry. The company's signature product utilizes the principles of the Law of Attraction, specifically working on using your subconscious and conscious mind to trigger growth in all areas of your life.

    The company initally operated in North America, but is global now and has recently been translated into Spanish.

    Like the many who have gone before me and those that have followed since, the programme, and the community I work with, have completely transformed my life. We believe that if you want to attract and create, more to be positive and happy about, then you must keep a positive emotional state. Being surrounded with people committed to doing the same thing, helps make this possible. We are given so much support, and have a generous and caring community.

    The company provides the income vehicle that can produce an incredible income, with no pre-set limits, while working around your family in as little as 3-5 hrs a day. The best part, is it is totally transportable.

    We have conferences in exotic locations around the world and can still spend a couple of hours a day working if we want. In fact, since I joined mid last year, I have only been home for about 8 weeks, the rest of the time I have been travelling and visiting family, both here in Australia where I live, and overseas. It's great.

    Before starting in this business, I was a teacher and believed it to be a worthwhile profession, that gave me personal satisfaction, but I can honestly say, that I get even more satisfaction with my home business, as I help introduce people to a programme, and business that can transform their lives, while at the same time, have heeps of fun.

    If there is anyone who faces each day with a heavy heart, or feels like they want something more out of their life, then I would be very happy to share with you the business that will help you get the skip back into your step.

    Forever Grateful
    Gail Carman
  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Melissa and I work from home with a company that bases itself around LOA. It has an excellent compensation plan (using this I am planning to retire within the next two years). My mentor has only been with the company for 2 months and has made over US$10000 in a 6 week timeframe and teaching me and my team how to do the same.

    My website is and my email is
    The product, which is a home based course, guides you through the eight essential paths of massive prosperity: Purpose, Power, Attraction, Results, Relationships, Wellness, Riches and Liberation.
    Since starting my business, I have already achieved many positive results. I have had family and friends that I have not been able to find for years get in touch with me again; I have moved into the house that I always wanted; I regularly have money deposited into my bank account; I enjoy quality time with my daughter and everything that I want in my life is manifesting into a reality.

    And what I appreciate the most is the support and help that I get from everyone else in the business. There is no secrets within the team, we all share what works with each other and our achievments.

    I urge you to have a look at my business and the course if you are wanting similar results.

    Contact me at or

    I look forward to working with you

    Melissa Sutton
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