So you want to work from home, or maybe you don’t know yet. Maybe you are just curious with what the big deal is. Maybe you hate being pitched to. Maybe you find the sight of those big pop-up banners with cheap flashing text not very reassuring that you are about to be led to some genuine money-making. So how, in a virtual world of unlimited opportunity, does one score a legitimate home-based business?Below is a list of 5 painless steps to aid you in your search for success.1. Know what you are passionate about. If you aren’t a fan of makeup, vitamins, storage containers, or spices, then why try to sell them? How believable do you think you will be to others if you, yourself, do not believe in the products?2. List your business criteria. Examples of that could be: Company credibility, start-up cost, product guarantees, and compensation plan.3. Join Groups and Forums that you are interested in. Within them, you will find other like-minded folks who may just have an opportunity that suits you. From Ning networks, Google and Yahoo groups, to Facebook groups and fan pages – there is a place for everyone.4. Do your research. The first thing I usually do is a simple Google search on the company. Take heed to the search results with the keyword “scam” in addition to the company you are researching. While there are so many helpful scheme-prevention sites out there offering warnings to home business shoppers, the keyword “scam” may not always be what you think. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and those sites that are competing for business will use whatever words they can just to attract your attention first. So be as open-minded as you are thorough in your research.And finally…5. Talk to others in the business. Feedback from others in the biz is an important step in establishing personal pros and cons, as well as income claims and company credibility.Best of luck in your search!Tina Vanderbyl

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