I have been practicing it for over a year. It works best in relationships and small things at first. Here are a few examples:I had a supervisor who was always angry and always talking about how bad her life was. It was difficult being under her. Well, I cleaned on her and guess what? She is no longer my supervisor and our relationship is friendlier now! Ho'oponopono at work.Sometimes I do things that irritate my wife and she would get mad at me. I used the cleaning tool: "Tiny tiny drop pill" and next moment things are normal and better. No reason for the problem.Here is another recent example: Dr. Hew Len will no longer do seminars. The last one will be with Joe Vitale in April 2009. I really would like to see them but I don't know if I will have the time or money to go to Austin Texas. I did have a Teleseminar with Mabel Katz last week and another miracle happened. Her surprise guess was Dr. Hew Len and he was able to answer many of my questions.Just clean alll the time and get your inner child involve in the cleaning and things will happen. No expectations!Peace begins with me.

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  • A couple of years ago, myself and some colleagues were having trouble with a line manager who was being irritable and obnoxious, and causing a bad atmosphere. I thought that the solution would be to have a word with the next 'rank' above her (the manager for the ground floor) and get her to have a word. Before that though, I practiced some forgiveness and sent the troublesome line manager some good energies.

    The following morning, I had a chat in the locker room with a former line manager who is also floor manager rank, and mentioned this to him. He understood, and said that he would have a word, because the line manager looks up to him and sees him as soon kind of mentor. If anyone could get through to her, it would be him.

    I don't know exactly what he said, but he got through to her, and from then on, she was a lot more pleasant to work with, and a lot nicer to all of us. I came to realise that he was a much better solution, than the one I had thought of. But at the same time, I believe this to be a case of Ho'oponopono causing a positive shift in reality.
  • From what I can work out, Ho'oponopono is a bit like forgiveness, or at least works in similar ways.

    Many years ago, I was having a bit of trouble with a workmate who was being frosty and grumpy with me. This was grating at me somewhat, but rather than resent her, I practiced Ho'oponopono in the form of forgiveness, and sent some 'friendly' energies her way. The following day she was as nice as pie to me, and stayed that say for a good long time.

    A couple, of years ago, I was wandering around London repeating the Ho'oponopono affirmatîon to myself, and then across a street performer in Covent Garden; an escape artist who freed himself from all sorts of chains. Later that same afternoon, I was doing the Same thing, and then stopped for a cup of coffee and a rest. One of the songs played on their playlist in there had the lyric " time to break free of these chains. "

    Both synchronicities and messages from the Universe I would say.
  • the thing is must do u do all the time all day long? this is what i find a challenge...
    • 4 years later, I find myself singing it as soon as I wake up
  • Hi I have just started to do Ho'oponopono for 5 days now and have already noticed the difference in my family everyone is more happy. POI
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