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I feel so healthy

I've been feeling so healthy and vibrant lately. When I meditate, I infuse my body with source energy and I feel pureness vibrating all through me. When I feel this vibration, my physical body is only in harmony with good health. I have access to ver

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My hair is so long

My hair has become so strong and healthy that it was able to grow as long as down to my belly button. :3 My hair is so strong that it can easily handle detangling, and detangling it has never been so easy. My curls look so defined and pretty. It's si

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I am tall

I am taller than most of the male models. My height makes me feel super confident. I feel unbeatable. My height makes me feel like a Greek God, I am walking confidently, seeing all the people from above, looking down on them, they are like children c

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