I feel so healthy

I've been feeling so healthy and vibrant lately. When I meditate, I infuse my body with source energy and I feel pureness vibrating all through me. When I feel this vibration, my physical body is only in harmony with good health. I have access to very healthy foods everyday and I love eating right so I can nourish my body with what it needs. My body processes all of the nutrients perfectly, and it supplies every cell in my body with what it needs to function perfectly. I feel filled with energy. I feel strong. I can do every physical thing my day requires, easily, and while feeling great. It's great to now be back to feeling comfortable everyday, waking up knowing that my back and neck will be in perfect comfort because my strong posture muscles support me effortlessly. It feels great to be able to only expect for my eyes to easily and comfortably see with clear 20/20 vision, no matter what I am looking at or the size of the font I am reading. It doesn't matter, because I have perfect eyes; which I am very grateful for :3.  It is natural for me to to feel physically relaxed. I naturally have physical endurance and it allows me to focus on doing fun things that I enjoy, because I have the energy to do anything I want.

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  • same for me)))

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