6253727262?profile=originalHi, I am the author of "I Thirst." I feel grateful that the Lord has inspired me to write this book. Each time someone tells me how the book has motivated them to pursue their dreams I feel great.


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  • Creative. When you write, it is your world and your ideas which are going down in paper (or computer screen). You can use your worlds to open up a completely different world to the reader. Get right under the skin, using your imagination, and when you start, just let the words which come into your mind flow across the page. Remember what is said in the splendid film 'Finding Forrester'; " You write the first draft with your heart, and then thinking comes later. "
  • To be an author, you need to feel intelligent and believe that you have something worthwhile to say; then you will attract the ideal means to express what you have to say.
  • Very interesting that you posted this at such a time, I actually was talking with my parents and decided to also write my own book some 2 weeks ago, I already wrote few ideas and paragraphs. How amazing! Mine will be on how we as humanity have to take on a different outlook on the world and our place in it and how we have to start striving towards a more sustainable future, I believe it will be amazing. Good luck with your book too!

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