All you people are welcome here to share your views about how to actually let go and let god take up.we often cling to our dreams so much that we prevent the universe(god) from doing its work. So in order to make sure that our dreams are in rite way...we realy need to LET GO them  in a way that it becomes easy for universe to respond to our dreams more basically we need to create our dream first....n thn live it to the fullest..n then js visualise it ...imagine it as if its there with u! And then LET GO AND LET GOD.....take the rest.please share your views about it.i am realy looking forward to hear a lot from all of you!
 Thank u
 Dr harleen
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  • #Sir Neil

    GOD Is A Supreme Omnipotent Being\Entity\Person But Not The Universe Itself.

  • let go and let God have his way. Relax and trust him.


  • Hi! I need help learning the difference between letting go and giving up.
  • I need help letting go. I know its the only thing that stands in my way of the things I want but for some reason I can't let go....Please teach me how or give me some ways to let go..thanks

  • I need help letting go. I know its the only thing that stands in my way of the things I want but for some reason I can't let go....Please teach me how or give me some ways to let go..thanks

  • Hi guys! I'm new here, but after reading the posts I feel so happy and relaxed. Sometimes just letting go and becoming "the observer" gives us all the feeling of peace we're looking for while fearing and worrying.

  • The affirmation for letting go is:


    * Or Source, Higher self, Allah, Universe, Krishna...whatever you like to call the Higher Power.
  • Instead of trying everything you can to 'make' something happen, sit back for a second. Remind yourself that the Universe/ God/ Source etc knows the best and easiest possible way for your desire to come, and in the quickest amount of time, and that it will sort everything out if you trust it to.

    If you are feeling worried or afraid, and really need something (ie, your desire is money to pay off an aggressive debt collector) also remind yourself that the Universe has your back and has all sorts of ways of looking after you.

    That is letting go. You supply the trust, and the Universe supplies your desire.
  • Sometimes it can be very hard to 'just let go.' I for one have an outstanding memory and don't generally 'just forget about things.'

    The trick is that you don't necessarily have to forget about or let go of your desire, but to let go of the bad feelings you may have about it. Feelings of desperation, neediness, annoyance, and needing to control outcomes.

    When you let go, you are letting the Universe take care of the outcome. You can think about your desire all you like, as long as you are trusting it to come (or the situation to get sorted) and not saying HOW something should happen. That is the job of the Universe.

    Your job is to supply the trust.
  • Hi everyone, I am in a relationship, but we both live at our parents home, I want to live with my partner so bad we are both ready but it is not happening fast enough for some reason..I think I need to let go and let God but am not sure how. I say affirmations about our relationship and about living together but before we can live together he needs to find a job and it has been taking a while for him to find a job. He found a temp agency that told him he can start tomorrow. How can I let go and let God to move along this process and dream for us to go to bed together every night and wake up together every morning and start living our life as a family along with my daughter. ?

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