All you people are welcome here to share your views about how to actually let go and let god take up.we often cling to our dreams so much that we prevent the universe(god) from doing its work. So in order to make sure that our dreams are in rite way...we realy need to LET GO them  in a way that it becomes easy for universe to respond to our dreams more basically we need to create our dream first....n thn live it to the fullest..n then js visualise it ...imagine it as if its there with u! And then LET GO AND LET GOD.....take the rest.please share your views about it.i am realy looking forward to hear a lot from all of you!
 Thank u
 Dr harleen
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  • I'm learning to let go. And move forward, I can't change people so it's time to let go.

  • @Lauralight1972 hi laura..thanx for contributing...but i wanna ask u sth...wat was dat 12 step type group u were talkin abt???
  • My soul aches. 

  • OOOh, I love this forum. Especially since I'm familiar with applying this concept within 12 step type support groups.

  • Hey peeps...pls contribute to dis group! Becoz i feel dat letting go is the most important step in its indespensable for every being to understand this.pls help guys!! I would really appreciate that.
    Love u all
    Bless u all!
    With regards
    Dr harleen
  • thanx sameer

  • the sooner we let go of the things that create worry, the more quicker we move towards things that create happiness....


    I beleive that this Group and its discussions will give us better insight into letting go and letting God....



  • This is sth which i found on let go and let god
    LET GO and LET GOD! is a basic tenet of the ancient health and relaxation art of Yoga. Letting go is the ultimate answer to distress, when all else fails. Resisting and rejecting our present experience sometimes just keeps us locked in struggle against it - wasting valuable energy that could go into creative transformation into new patterns and new perceptions. There is a wise saying which goes "What we resist, persists".

    Letting go is the ultimate protection against "Burnout"!

    Letting go and accepting what is happening does not have to mean "quitting" or "giving up". Let Go Let God means allowing a "space" to occur - a space which can become a crucible of creativity. Letting go opens the door to working in harmony with what is inevitable, rather than using our energy to fight against what is inevitable. As we let go of our wilful need to change the world, we come into our power to transform ourselves, or at least to try a different approach or attitude.

    If you believe in a God or other divine mechanism at work in the world and in your life experiences, then the letting go principle is much easier to accept. If you are non-religious, then just try it on the basis that "I have tried everything else and I am still stuck" - many people have found it helpful.

    Like all human behaviour, "Letting go" has to be kept in balance. If we take it too literally or do it too often (I call this "spiritual dependency") we may be asking for trouble - surely we are required to take some responsibility for our own life! In The Bible, the prophet Jesus was tempted by the devil to throw himself from a high place and trust that God would rescue him - Jesus wisely refused to abuse the divine power of caring and compassion in this selfish and lazy way.

    Why stay stuck? - Why stay locked in struggle, suffering or obsession? Liberate your heart, mind and soul today...
  • Thanx polina for ur wishes
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